Lighting for sports facilities and other facilities

Proper multi-level lighting of sports fields, arenas, stadiums, courts is planned before the start of the main construction. Because the project must be verified in several stages. And at the very initial stage, lamps and spotlights are selected. We are interested in the power, area and dimensions of each individual lamp. We turn to those factors on which a reasonable choice depends.

How to choose lighting for a sports facility?

With high-quality lighting, you can work out much longer. Training in the evening helps athletes to better acclimatize after flying to international competitions in another country, in another part of the world where the time zone does not correspond to their country. Athletes and competitors can enter the court at night, practice under floodlights.

On the other hand, important sporting events, football matches, finals are often held in the evening. The higher the brightness of the spotlights, the better you will be able to appreciate the efforts of the athletes. Spectators and athletes win.

Also, cameras for photo and video recording of events, which are equipped with all sports arenas, benefit from high-quality lighting, hundreds of sports photographers try to catch a good shot with their lens. Even the referees are now watching contentious moments on a separate screen before making difficult decisions during a football game, dealing cards or completely removing players from the field.

So lighting is everything now.

Important Criteria for Proper Sports Arena Lighting

Economy . A very important parameter, since the lamps are powerful and work for a long time until the very last athlete leaves the field and it is removed by trained people. Therefore, the choice is clearly in favor of energy-saving lamps of the latest generation with a long service life. It is better to invest once in a good thing than to change ordinary lamps every couple of months.

Ecology . Health is a factor that is looked for in sports venues. Halogen lamps contain mercury, and fluorescent lamps contain ultraviolet light, which will irradiate, irritate the eyes and dry out the skin. Such lamps are not recommended to be installed on sports grounds of a new level.

Perfect color rendering . The stadium uses many different colors, cards, flags, colored markings on the running tracks and bright buoys in the open water. All this is done in order to show the boundaries of the individual training area and orient the athletes. He should not go beyond these limits, he should not get used to mistakes. During the competition, all movements must be clear and calculated. To do this, the lamps in the evening and at night must convey the color of all objects as accurately as possible, without distorting or changing them.

Weight . It is clear that a large number of floodlights require fastening from thicker metal, the load on the supporting structures will become higher, it will cost more, and the work on installation, assembly, and installation will take longer. Although already today you can choose LED sports lights for sports arenas with minimal weight and maximum brightness. 

For international-level venues, there are separate rules and standards of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), as well as the International Football Federation (FIFA), but you only need them if you plan to host international competitions at your venue in the future. Such data can be included in the project (if necessary) at the initial sketch stage.

Illumination of sports halls with lamps.

Sports halls today have become multifunctional. People work out here, athletes train and competitions take place, but often it is in sports halls that various events take place when a large number of people need to be gathered. In some schools, gyms hold exams when a large number of single desks must be placed, somewhere in the gyms they conduct staff briefings or gatherings before big events to tell them how to behave in this or that situation. Therefore, the lighting of sports halls must be approached seriously and think about safety.

To increase the concentration of people in the competition, to support athletes in achieving results, it is better to choose lamps with a cold tone . The spotlights themselves must be with a matte shade that scatters light. For these purposes, LED models are well suited. Power will depend on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room and should not be superfluous. Otherwise, along with the concentration of attention, eye strain increases due to the cold shades of the lamps, which does not contribute to many hours of staying inside and a long competition of people (children). If we are talking only about physical education lessons and training, then a short stay is completely acceptable.

It is clear that balls, balls, other sports equipment will be thrown in sports halls, and some of them may touch or touch your lamps. Therefore, they must be covered with impact-resistant glass and fastened securely to walls, ceilings or beams. Such lamps are in the assortment of the VELA.COM.UA store and are able to provide good protection against shocks and vibrations.

We recommend using these AIKO sports light in order to get good results from your sports activities, while being completely safe and exercising in comfort.

Advantages of AIKO LED Sports lights for sports halls.

Saving. They work about 30,000 hours or more, while consuming a minimum of electricity. Almost 10 times less than incandescent lamps, and pay for themselves even during the warranty period, which is about 1 year, and some manufacturers claim as much as 3 years of warranty.

Minimum weight. Consequently, the beams are not overloaded, there is no need for complicated fastenings, and installation in the hall is carried out very quickly.

Quiet operation even with open windows at any time of the year. LEDs withstand temperature extremes, are not afraid of moisture, are resistant to gusts of wind, icy cold, and summer heat. At the same time, the case is well insulated from water and drinking, as is the case with other lighting devices in the summer, and this brings a lot of inconvenience to the attendants of sports facilities.

Possibility of a wise choice. Different shapes, power, sizes, as well as the choice of color temperature (from neutral to cold). White glow – the most suitable for sports, no yellow tones!

Elegance. LED floodlights fit very beautifully both in closed halls and in open areas of tennis courts, football, basketball fields, as well as open-air swimming pools. The main thing is to correctly place them around the perimeter and remove the focus, for this special diffuser shades are used.

Stadium lighting with AIKO Sports Light

The stadiums are illuminated from high poles that stand at the corners of the arena. High-power floodlights are mounted on the supports, creating flood lighting, while not preventing athletes from performing. Full lighting requires a professional approach and a competent choice of lamps.

Main feature: we need sports spotlights that create a high-intensity luminous flux . The higher this indicator, the higher it is possible to fix the spotlight itself, that is, to raise above ground level and increase the angle of inclination of the spotlight itself. Naturally, such equipment should be insulated, with a thick metal (aluminum) case, and high-quality thick glass. Then he will not be afraid of any weather phenomena, no power surges or vibrations from the wind at a similar height.

Installation and maintenance of equipment

Installing floodlights on high masts is a job for specialists. Most often, it is done by electrical engineers who order special equipment, for example, an aerial platform with a mounting basket. If we are talking about the installation of floodlights on masts around the perimeter of the stadium, then these works are performed by electricians with a permit for work at height, under the supervision of the chief engineer of the group.

Tennis courts or sports grounds for playing basketball, volleyball, badminton do not require special special maintenance. Moreover, we recommend installing fixtures with IP 65 protection standard , they are not afraid of moisture, dust, temperature changes, shock and vibration. These lamps are protected both from mechanical loads and from natural seasonal fluctuations in air.

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