LIGHT FAIR – Illuminating the Future of Life

The ubiquitous light source in modern life is not only for seeing things clearly, but also for illuminating life. LIGHT FAIR is committed to exploring and promoting various types of lighting technologies to meet the constantly changing needs of modern people. Since 1999, this exhibition has continuously expanded its influence globally and has now become a world-class event in the field of lighting. This year’s LIGHT FAIR will be held in New York from May 23rd to 25th in NEW York, with hundreds of domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions participating to explore the development prospects and technological innovation of the lighting industry, bringing the latest concepts and solutions in the industry.

LIGHT FAIR is located in the future city of New York, a place with its own innovative genes and design concepts. The companies participating in this exhibition will showcase their latest products, technologies, and creativity, as well as how to apply these concepts to practical applications. LIGHT FAIR not only provides participants with a display platform, but also provides them with opportunities for communication and interaction, promoting the collision and exchange of ideas within the industry.

This exhibition will also closely follow the current hot topics – intelligent lighting technology and green energy conservation, which are the most important future directions of the lighting industry. We believe that in the future, lighting equipment will not only illuminate our lives, but also enable us to enjoy life more comfortably and intelligently through specialized sensors and systems. Green energy conservation can better protect our homes, design and manufacture lighting equipment based on environmental protection concepts, reduce the consumption of natural resources, and be more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

AIKO will participate in the LIGHT FAIR exhibition, and we can learn a lot about their latest lighting technology. Comprehensively understand the development trends in the industry from aspects such as technological innovation, intelligent applications, ecological and environmental protection, and energy-saving technologies. And this information will promote more innovation and sustainable development in the future, better meeting human needs.

At this forward-looking exhibition, we can see the imagination and prediction of modern technology for future life. LIGHT FAIR will showcase the trends and concepts of the future lighting industry to attendees, allowing us to understand the rapid development of lighting technology and applications, as well as their profound impact on life.

LIGHT FAIR will be a smart, cutting-edge, environmentally friendly and sustainable exhibition, and we look forward to in-depth communication and exchange with global experts and industry professionals here. We feel very honored to be able to participate in this grand event and obtain the latest lighting information and insights for ourselves and the company, while also contributing to the development and progress of the industry.

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