I am here to show you our all-in-one sports light – ASP04 ARES Series.

ASP04 ARES series LED sports light is one of the most flexible solutions offered by AIKO. Available power from 300W to 1500W, with various light distributions from ultra small angle (8°) to large angle (60°). It is an excellent choice for different types and levels of sports applications – baseball fields, football fields, basketball courts, rugby fields, tennis courts, ice hockey rinks, swimming pools, etc. 

And, as a great 1:1 replacement solution for retrofitting traditional fixtures like metal lamps. Its suitable bracket hole position can be directly installed on the existing light pole arm without spending more replacement costs. The perfect weight, 14.5kg can be used for higher level venues with less strong light poles.

Why should you choose ASP04 ARES Series LED Sports Light?

As a project-based product, the flexibility of the ASP04 ARES series is reflected in the customized solutions you need.

  • Tempered Glass. Protects the lens from turning yellow and allows to be used for coastal sites.
  • Anti-Glare Ring. The glare is controlled to the lowest level for more comfortable visual experience.
  • Metal Pipe. For protecting the wire from bird’s pecking. (Commonly found in the Australian market.)
  • RGB Available. Available with RGB or RGBA or RGBW model to enhance the ambiance in any environment.
  • Flexible Installation.The driver can be installed integrated on the back of the fixture or separately on the bracket with the biggest distance 200m.

–Based on the installation requirements of different projects, you can select the following installation ways.

  1. Integrated Driver Box
  2. Remote Mounting Driver Box
  3. Common Yoke Bracket
  4. Knuckle Assembly  Bracket
  5. Arm Bracket
  6. Hook Mount as High Bay
  7. Other More

If you are looking for the most optimal solution for your new build or replacement project, let’s start the discussion. AIKO Lighting is looking forward to your sharing more projects.

For more information, please contact us.


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