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According to the latest economic news for March 2022, UK manufacturing price pressures are at their highest level since 1976.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) said 77% of manufacturers surveyed this month planned to raise prices in the next three months, up from 66% in January 2022 and the highest level since December 1976. The survey highlights the intensity of inflation that is hitting the economy.

Although China’s raw materials are also affected to varying degrees, compared with the 66% price increase in the UK, China’s raw material prices are still in a relatively stable state.

Aiko Lighting has 11 years experience in LED sports lighting, flood lighting, and high mast lighting.Aiko Lighting has worked on over 1100+ projects, including UEFA in Greece, the Boeing Company in the United States, and quite a few smaller sports areas, medium and B level projects.

If you are looking for a high standard stadium lighting, ASP04 ARES could be your best choice!

5 Key Reasons:

-Patent design: 1:1 replace with Philips MVF series

Lower weight (1200W=14kg )

– Capability: IOT control ( DMX/DALI2/wireless control)

Combined with RGB, it highlights the moment when the light chases the athlete’s run

-Strict production control: ensure high product quality and optical precision

-Faster delivery: shorten your project cycle

-Longer warranty period: 7~10 years warranty

Perfect after-sales guarantee to relieve your worries.

Please contact your lighting expert and start the fine journey now:

Sports Field Lighting

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