Smart Street Light City Solutions – Future Trends

Smart cities are becoming more popular, but their deployment tends to be stressful and expensive. A smart streetlight is an easy and convenient way to modernize cities with a high return on investment. In this article, you’ll learn what makes light poles the best place to deploy smart city technology, how smart lighting solutions can save you energy costs, and more.

As an important part of a smart city, smart street lights are one of the most effective paths. Street lights cover the entire city like blood vessels and nerves. They are numerous in number and have the characteristics of “net, point, and pole”. Those are the key nodes of smart city construction, which can avoid the resource drain caused by repeated construction. Waste, as well as the expansion of many functions of the smart city, opens up a wide range of future development opportunities.

Traditional street lights mainly play the role of urban public lighting equipment, but street lights have a wide coverage and regular distribution. This advantage of coordinates in the ground also enables them to become the carrier of public service terminals, such as 4G base stations, monitoring components, and urban broadcasting. The system is even the charging pile. Secondly, in the context of the great development of smart city construction, urban public infrastructure is generally moving towards informatization and interconnection, including smart street lights, IoT manhole covers, electronic water gauges and other smart city products, all of which have been developed between cities. The pilot application is expected to be popularized nationwide in the future, forming a large-scale urban information collection terminal, helping various functional departments to work in an orderly manner based on data, improving quality and efficiency.

With a smart street light pole, surveillance cameras, 4G micro base stations, multimedia information screens, public broadcasting, wireless Wifi and other hardware functions are integrated. Advanced technology such as image perception, data transmission, lighting control, and computer processing are used to transmit the collected data and information to the “smart lighting software system platform”, which is then used to manage the core functions of smart city management such as smart lighting, smart transportation, wireless city, and information release under the big data interaction environment.

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