Introduction of sports lighting manufacturers: how to install lamps to get good results

For stadiums with a large space, only good lighting can ensure that athletes and spectators can have a good line of sight. Sports lighting manufacturers‍is a company that specializes in the production of sports lighting equipment and can provide various types of lighting fixtures for gymnasiums. However, it is not enough to only provide high-quality lighting fixtures. If you do not choose a good location during installation, sports lighting manufacturers‍ No matter how good the quality of lamps and lanterns is, they can’t achieve the ideal lighting effect. So, how to install lamps and lanterns to have a good effect?

  1. Find a reasonable installation location

The lighting system cannot be ignored in sports venues, because it is a very comprehensive system. If the installation position of the lamps is unreasonable, it will not only affect the lighting effect, but also affect the number and installation power of the lamps. It has an impact on the architectural design and structural design of the entire venue. Therefore, in order to achieve the ideal lighting effect for the lamps and lanterns of sports lighting manufacturers, we must first determine a reasonable installation position through scientific means.

  1. Light distribution should be reasonable

The light distribution of lamps will also have a great impact on the lighting effect. Therefore, when installing lamps from sports lighting manufacturers, several different projection distances should be designed, and multiple simultaneous projection distances will be set in the data of each projection distance. Lamps with different power and different light distribution types enable the environment in the gymnasium to meet the required illuminance and uniformity.

  1. Don’t have objects that block the light

The light can be blocked by obstacles. Therefore, in order to ensure that the sports lighting manufacturer’s lamps have ideal lighting effects after installation, there should be no obstruction between all lamps and the venue, including steel structures. Therefore, when designing the lighting system, the lamps cannot be hidden in the truss for the sake of beauty.

The purpose of looking for sports lighting manufacturers to purchase lamps is to enable sports venues to have a high-quality lighting system. Therefore, in order to ensure the lighting effect, in addition to considering the quality of lamps and lanterns of sports lighting manufacturers, it should also be planned during installation. Reasonable location and light distribution, while avoiding the lamps being blocked by other objects.

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