How to judge whether the lamps and lanterns of sports lighting manufacturers can be used for a long time?

For the lighting project of stadiums, it is easy to find sports lighting manufacturers, but it is difficult to judge the service life of LED stadium lights. Due to the high space of stadiums, it takes a lot of time to install and remove lamps, so it is desirable to be able to buy lamps with long service life. So, how to judge whether the lamps and lanterns of sports lighting manufacturers can be used for a long time?

  1. Look at the protection level and chip design

For LED lamp beads, the protection level of the cavity can only be effectively protected when it reaches a certain height, so as to obtain a longer service life. In addition, whether the chip junction temperature of the LED lamp is designed within a safe range also has a great relationship with its service life. Therefore, to know whether the lighting fixtures produced by sports lighting manufacturers can be used for a long time, we can judge from these two aspects.

  1. See if there is a formal test report

When judging the service life of lamps and lanterns, sports lighting manufacturers can be required to issue product inspection reports issued by special testing agencies, key component selection certificates, theoretical basis and related data for the life of sports lighting lamps, and comprehensively judge their usability performance. Long life?

  1. Look at the light decay curve of the lamp

When purchasing lamps from sports lighting manufacturers, you can also judge their service life by the light decay curve of the lamps. However, when judging by this method, the type of lamp and the sealing of the structure, the type of sealing material and optical protection material, etc. should also be considered, because these factors will have a certain impact on the light decay curve.

In stadiums, frequent replacement of lighting fixtures increases the difficulty and cost of maintaining stadium facilities. Therefore, the gymnasium is willing to find a good sports lighting

manufacturer and buy some good-quality lighting fixtures for use. Therefore, sports lighting manufacturers need to judge the service life through many aspects when purchasing lamps.

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