Introduction of Harmony G3 Flood Lighting

The Harmony sports lighting is our newly developed hot push product. There are seven models of it depending on different wattage and other parameters. For example, the wattage of this product is 500W 600W 750W 1000W 1200W 1500W 1800W. The maximum luminous flux of 252,000 lm.

The Harmony high mast lighting is used in many places, such as indoor stadium, outdoor stadium, wharf, apron lighting and sports facilities. It means that our market is also versatility. The following is a brief summary of its main advantages:

First of all, its light weight, small size, convenient for transportation and installation.

Secondly, we are equipped with OSRAM 3737/3535 LED chip, high performance, long life, maximum light efficiency up to 150lm/W. We have flexible optical lighting distributions for asymmetric and symmetric beams with good control of glare and spill light.

Thirdly, its protection performance is also a selling point, it is equipped with a high light transmittance PC cover, can effectively prevent UV,In addition, we added multiple layers coating , so that the protection level reaches IK10, IP66, which objectively prevents the aging of internal LED chips and the dust on the lens, and prolongs the service life of the product.

Finally, in the intelligent control, this product also supports a variety of ways to choose, like WIFI, DALI, ZIGBEE, DMX. At the same time, it is equipped with 10KV SPD, and 20KV SPD is also optional, which can guarantee outdoor safety performance. From what has been discussed above, the Harmony flood lighting AFL09 is a good choice of sports lighting.

G3 LED Flood Lighting Picture

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