AIKO Apollo LED High Mast Light

Still quite a lot of clients still don’t know our Apollo LED high mast light well.

Let me introduce this child to you again.

From the appearance, you can know he is a strong boy. He has the excellent qualities of a boy, tough, upright, not afraid of hardships and dangers. So you can often see him in these places:

Highways, Container Yards, Truck Stops Port, Container, Facilities Military, Installations Large, Area Industrial, Interchanges, Parking Lots, Airports, Rail Yards, Toll Plazas, Security Lighting.

Here are more of his characteristics:

Wattage: 210w 240w 320w 475w 570w 631w 750w

Lm/W: 140Lm/W

Light Distribution: 30°, 60°, Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V, Type VS, M8

Material: LM6 Aluminum

Installation: Sleeve Installation, Bracket Installation

Certificates: CB UL

Also, equipping with the Osram LED and Philips drivers, and IP66, he can guard you for seven years, no matter rain or shine.

Of course, he also has a lot of control method: 0-10V/ PWM/ BLUETOOTH/ DALI/ DMX.

Maybe you will wonder, why we need this Apollo LED high mast light. Of course we need him! When replace the HPS high mast light, he is just the right solution. Especially his 750w can replace 1000w HPS directly.

HPS High Mast Lighting

Now, it can be like this perfectly.

Apollo High Mast Lighting

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