How to design your swimming pool lighting?

After a lot of practice and scientific research, it has been found that regular participation in physical exercise can prevent and cure diseases of modern civilization. Swimming, which is suitable for men, women and children, is considered to be the best “Good Medicine” for preventing and treating diseases of modern civilization. At present, sports enthusiasts from all over the world have a deeper and deeper understanding of the health significance of swimming. More and more sports enthusiasts devote themselves to swimming, and many of them regard swimming as a lifelong sports event. With the improvement of people’s requirements for health, health preservation and longevity, and the deepening of the understanding of the meaning of swimming, fitness and health preservation, swimming will surely be accepted by more people, and the demand for swimming pools will also increase. So how to design swimming pool lighting is a problem that needs special attention.

AIKO Lighting has cooperated with clients in different countries for some swimming pool lighting projects. Here we would like to share with you two key points about swimming pool lighting.

  1. Lamp Arrangement

Considering the repair and maintenance of lamps, indoor swimming and diving halls generally do not arrange lamps above the water surface, except for those with special maintenance channels above the water surface. For venues without TV broadcast requirements, lamps are often scattered under the ceiling other than above the water surface, under the roof truss or on the wall. For venues with TV broadcast requirements, the lamps are generally arranged in a light-belt type, that is, longitudinal horse tracks are arranged above the pool banks on both sides, and horizontal horse tracks are arranged above the pool banks at both ends. In addition, it is necessary to set appropriate lamps under the diving platform and springboard to eliminate the shadows formed by the diving platform and the springboard, and provide accent lighting to the diving warm-up pool. It should be noted that diving sports should not arrange lamps above the diving pool. Otherwise, the mirror image of the lamp will appear in the water, which will cause light interference to the athletes and affect the athletes’ judgment and performance.

  1. Lamps Used

In terms of swimming pool lighting new projects and swimming pool lighting replacement projects, we recommend the use of professional and efficient LED floodlights as the lighting configuration for indoor pools. Such lamps are superior to other types of lamps in terms of comfort, illuminance and glare, and can bring customers a professional, comfortable and lighting environment. The performance characteristics of professional LED floodlights have the following characteristics: 1) Small size and light weight, equipped with easy-to-carry handles, adjustable mounting brackets and precise sight accessories, which are installed at the bottom of the lamp body. 2) It can adapt to indoor and outdoor use in normal weather. Through gradual improvement, the luminous efficiency of lamps and the effective utilization of light will greatly improve the lighting effect. 3) The lamp has a uniquely designed light distribution curve, precise beam, multiple light distribution, instant start, etc.


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