How to control lighting using the DALI system?

Intelligent lighting control systems have become very popular in recent years. The development of technology has made it possible to develop reliable functions that enable, among others: adjusting the light intensity level to individual needs. Installing LED lighting control systems also means you can save on electricity. 

Choosing a lighting control system

Choosing the right lighting for a warehouse, office or your own apartment is extremely important. Light not only improves your well-being, but also allows for better work organization. Control systems are also an important issue, as they make performing everyday duties much easier. 

The DALI system stands out among the most frequently used light control systems. It is innovative and at the same time compatible , which is why many entrepreneurs decide to install it in their companies. What is DALI and why is it worth choosing? What distinguishes it from other systems of this type? 

DALI system – what is it?

DALI, or more precisely Digital Addresable Lightning Interface, is one of the protocols that provides communication possibilities between several lighting control devices – light intensity sensors, presence sensors or electronic ballasts. DALI will therefore find its application when we want to send information from two different ends of lighting fixtures. 

DALI is an alternative to traditional light control methods based on 1-10V voltage. Thanks to this system, it is possible to control both individual luminaires and entire computers – using special devices or access to a computer. Only a two-wire cable is used for the lighting control process, which is why more and more manufacturers – including: AIKO LIGHTING – supports the DALI protocol, which increases the compatibility of this system.

The new version of the DALI standard, DALI-2

In 2018, a new version with additional functions was premiered – the DALI-2 system. 

  • the new certification covers all DALI components, including control ones;
  • more devices can be placed on the bus;
  • it was possible to use control devices from various companies;
  • new functions, such as temperature measurement, which supports cooperation with e.g. air conditioning;
  • using DALI-2 wireless bridges, you can change the luminaire to a controllable one and build entire systems;
  • a device with one address can have several functions, e.g. motion detection or light measurement.

DALI system and compatibility with LED luminaires

The DALI system is included in the IEC 62386 standard – its purpose is to unify the control technology of all lighting devices. At the same time, DALI is a system with predetermined values, the interface standardization of which is included in the IEC 60929 E4 document . For this reason, the DALI standard has different resolutions, so it can be integrated with the latest generation installations – including: BMS or KNX. 

The DALI standard is publicly available and is used by many leading manufacturers of lighting installations and fixtures. The DALI system can therefore be found in products from Osram and Lutron, making it much easier to create full lighting systems without having to choose only one lighting manufacturer. 

What makes the DALI interface unique?

DALI is distinguished by its open architecture, so you can easily connect luminaires, sensors and panels from various manufacturers to a new device. The entire lighting network consists of many devices with individual control panels. This allows you to adjust the light intensity level to a specific place.

DALI system control – principle of operation

The DALI system is controlled via the main bus controller. In practice, control is provided by a dedicated device, mounted in an easily accessible place, or by a computer. The two-core cable, which is also the basic element of the system, transmits the digital signal to the DALI control module. Depending on your needs and availability, you can connect the two-core cable with motion or twilight sensors , which further emphasizes the innovation of the entire procedure. To control lighting using DALI, a bus power supply is also necessary – most of them built into the equipment. 

DALI control diagram

How is lighting controlled using the DALI system? It is worth knowing that each lighting fixture that is connected to the system has its own short address. Based on this address, it is possible to send a signal to each of up to 64 luminaires – also individually. What makes the DALI system unique is the fact that even if we need more than 64 luminaires, it is possible to connect a second bus and a gateway that will divide all luminaires into zones. 

Why is it worth choosing the DALI or DALI-2 system?

The DALI light control system is an innovative solution that allows you to adjust the lighting to your needs. With the help of the bus, it is possible to reduce energy consumption and provide appropriate lighting for specific places. The DALI system is the best solution for people who are looking for beneficial lighting solutions – even in large spaces. 

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