How to choose the football field lighting for the World Cup? Will LED be the future of football stadium lighting?

Football has become one of the most popular sports and entertainment items in the world, especially in Europe, South America and Latin America, football is not only a sport, it has become a way of recreation and entertainment, at home or in the bar at night, watching a professional game has become a part of the evening life!

As the saying goes, a good horse should be equipped with a good saddle. In addition to watching a professional game, we also need to pay attention to the supporting facilities of the field, such as professional led sports lights, A wonderful game, professional sports  lighting is essential!

International football field application classification and corresponding requirements

According to the use function of the football field, the international lighting environment requirements will be divided into five levels at most, but the daily general classification is only corresponding, taking the football field competition as the basic requirements, adding the weight and standard of the audience watching and TV live, which are divided into three levels in turn: high, medium and standard. The following small series will be simple and intuitive, According to the criteria of three categories to explain to you.

The highest level of football field lighting

This rating is currently the highest standard of lighting for football stadiums, applicable to international matches, live global television coverage, the World Cup we are currently watching in Qatar, and Russia in 2018 , is a typical example of this level.

Football Field lighting Medium

This level is applicable to domestic matches, domestic TV broadcast, we usually follow the Chinese Super League, China League A matches, roughly this level, with this standard of lighting.

Football Field Lighting Standard

This classification applies to domestic competitions, which are not televised live

Generally speaking, the illumination requirement of this field is between 750-1000Lux. Basically, it only needs to pay attention to the players’ games and the audience can watch it clearly.

Based on this, the FIFA classification requirements were increased: for league or club matches, no live TV and for daily training or entertainment, no live TV two, these two and the above three make up the five classifications.

AIKO Lighting is a new generation of green lighting system, which minimizes the light pollution to the surrounding environment, effectively prevents the spillover light and glare, reduces the light outside the venue as much as possible, protects the beautiful night sky, and also provides the football field lighting for athletes and spectators, creating a more comfortable competition and viewing environment.

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