How to Choose LED Stadium Lighting for UEFA World Cup?

We can choose sustainable and energy efficient photometric designs to meet the best lighting standards set by FIFA. Compared to HPS, halogen or metal halide lamps, LEDs are the best light source. This is because if we use less energy efficient lighting fixtures, we need to use super high power floodlights to illuminate the football field. LEDs are highly energy efficient – 7 to 10 times more efficient than halogen bulbs. So it is more cost-effective to use LED lights in stadiums.


Full HD and 4K broadcasts are now very common. Without anti-flicker technology in stadium lights, noticeable flicker would be captured under high-speed cameras. Our LED floodlights use state-of-the-art LED chips to reduce the flicker rate to 0.3%, which is negligible to the naked eye or any slow motion camera.

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This determines the energy saving range of your LED lights. “Lumens per watt” is a unit of energy efficiency. For example, an LED with 150 lumens per watt produces 150 units of light and brightness with an average of 1W of power. So you will know that a 150 lm/W lamp is more energy efficient than a 120 lm/W lamp.


The beam angle indicates how much light spreads. For high mast or high bay applications, if the beam angle is wide, the uniformity is high, but the ground brightness is low. Conversely, a beam angle that is too narrow will result in very low uniformity of illumination because, despite its high brightness, it will create many “spots”. Therefore, there is a perfect balance between uniformity and brightness. Our engineers are proficient in photometric analysis to guarantee better lighting for any type of project.

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In addition to seeing how many years of warranty they can offer, we also need to pay attention to whether they actually provide support under the warranty. In fact, there are many manufacturers who shirk their responsibilities to customers, such as installation errors, location errors, etc., but we provide customers with timely support during the warranty period and even outside the warranty period. This is because we strive to build long-term and healthy business relationships with our customers.


We are stadium lighting manufacturer for more than 11 years. If you would like a photometric lighting design and plan to replace your floodlights, please feel free to contact us via email.

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