How to Win Sports Lighting Biddings?

The illumination on sports fields plays an essential role in night matches. Spectator experience depends largely on how well the lighting system has been set up.

The brightness is always the fundamental requirement of a sports lighting projects, for the FIFA standard ball field, the lux (brightness) required is about 2500 to 3000 lux, which is an exceptionally high value. Sports lighting that is able to produce sufficient brightness is the key.

1500W LED sports lighting

Spill light and glare light control are also important. Our AIKO 1500W led sports lighting ASP04 can provide best solution for you and more we offer OEM/ODM service if you need.

AIKO lighting manufacturer supply high performance and durable flood lighting for all kinds of sports fields and large area. We are lighting solution provider to control glare and spill light for reduction lighting pollution, save energy and create a green and safe environment.

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