What You Need to Know When Replacing LED Stadium Lighting?

Stadium flood lighting is important for players and fans. Games can be held day and night.

sports area night

Finding the right sports floodlight is important if you want a top-of-the-line lighting solution to meet your requirements. There are always challenges when you try to choose the best lighting options on the market, but with enough patience and commitment, you will be able to make it work in clever ways.

football pitch lighting field

High light efficiency is very important for flood lighting systems, although you will need to customize and adjust them in a professional manner. You want your light source to produce a lot of visible light. When you have something like a floodlight system, high light efficiency is almost mandatory because it offers great value for money and incredible quality. This alone can help make a huge difference without any worries. That being said, not all wavelengths are visible, but it does bring something diverse and unique at the same time.


Lighting engineers can perform photometric analysis, and you can easily use that data to access the best sports floodlight solutions, giving you the efficiency and quality you may need. They will be able to work out which are the correct beam angles and optics, which will help illuminate your field in a very professional manner. It’s a very comprehensive and powerful system that works very well. Furthermore, it can be adapted to any different situation for the best quality and results.


We are stadium lighting manufacturer for more than 11 years and provide solution for your projects. Our team will give you a best desgin. If you would like a photometric lighting design and plan to replace your flood lighting, please feel free to contact us via email.

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