Flood Light Remote Mounting LED Drivers

To improve LED flood light life and reliability, remote driver ideally suited to applications that require easy access to LED drivers, especially useful in hard to access ceilings and where historic or important architectural features cannot be disturbed during lighting routine maintenance.

LED power supplies can be remote mounted from the modules that they are  driving. There are two wires running from the driver to the LEDs. The remote mounting distance is based on the voltage drop generated across the supply leads. The voltage drop will vary based on the operating current and the gauge wire used. Detail as below chart shows.

Constant current driver maximum remote mounting distance limit is a load whose total voltage drop does not exceed the driver’s rated maximum voltage. The total voltage-drop is the sum of the voltage drop across the LED light-engine plus the voltage drop across the conductors connecting the driver to the LEDs.

Constant voltage driver voltage output stays constant, so as one adds longer conductors and the voltage across those conductors increases, the voltage across the LEDs will drop. The limit here is defined by the minimum voltage drop acceptable across the LED.

Typically, remote mounting is not a problem as long as you use a large gauge wire (e.g., 14AWG).

G3 flood light when with remote driver, driver and LED board not have direct wire connection as normal lighting. When installation, put many piece driver in one power distribution cabinet, on lighting there is one wire connect from LED board, installation worker need connect cable between driver and LED board.

remote mounting driver canbinient

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