Essential to do Seaport Lighting Salt Spray Testing

High seas or by the sea since these environments have a higher salt load, salt fog and salt spray can corrode surfaces and coatings on lighting. It degrades the useful properties of materials, especially metals, caused by the electrochemical reaction of chloride ions which penetrate the oxide layer and protective layer on the metal surface and interact with the inner metal. This can include loss of strength, appearance, and permeability to liquids and gases, can be dangerous and costly to replace.

When you’re buying lighting, you want to ensure that they’re high quality and that they’ll last over time. You want them to hold up, no matter which harsh environments they’re placed in or what elements they come in contact with.

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Corrosion tests with salt spray have been used in different industries and it is just recently that started to be used in the outdoor LED flood light field. Preventing corrosion is a critical step in product design and manufacturing, make sure that LED fixture is designed with the optimum protection against metal deterioration diminishing the defects of the corrosion and then reducing costs, guarantee better performance, quality and a longer lifespan of the fixtures, customer satisfaction and safety will increase.

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A salt spray test can help predict how certain materials will present under different salt fog conditions, affect metals helps lighting factory to make better decisions about the components used in the production of the luminaries. It allows comparisons between the different materials and finishes. To understand the performance materials, coating systems, inhibited coatings, corrosion preventative compounds, or surface preparation methods.

The ASTM B117 standard for the implementation of the salt spray corrosion test is defined by the ASTM International. During salt spray testing, an accelerated corrosive attack is produced in order to better predict how well the coating protects the metal.


Corrosion tests in natural environments can take up to a year, while similar results can be obtained in artificial simulations in 24 hours.

LED Flood Light CHAMPION G3 salt spray test 1, 000/2, 000/3, 000 hours available. CHAMPION use Al1070 pure aluminum, use electrophoresis and AkzoNobel spray powder.


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