Bird Proofing Sports Lighting

In some countries and areas, birds munching on the cabling of outdoor lighting products is a serious problem. For example, Cockatoo in Australia very likes destroying PVC cabling inside of high mast lights. Vain attempts are made to deter them with bird spikes or specialized coatings but in reality, prevention is the best cure.

Of these three products, which one do you think is better?

anti-proof bird pecking

anti bird pecking tube

Per our understanding, the third one is better.

The first one, there is no protection on the cable, no doubt that it is not a good solution use in an area that has the birds munching on the cabling problem. It’s probably not enough for Cockatoo to peck a few times.

The second one, looks very good, very stable, but don’t you think it is a little overprotection? It will cost a lot on the protective net. What’s more, why they make this protective net is just because they have no choice. As can be seen from the picture, they used three or four drivers, and all of them were directly exposed to the outside, with a lot of terminals. Using a protective steel net directly is the most convenient solution.

The third one, the wiring is simple, with a steel pipe, which is not only competitive in price but also plays a good role in preventing birds from pecking, even birds like Cockatoo in Australia.

AIKO G3 Harmony sports light just has the same solution as the third one. Therefore, if you are looking for a solution to bird-proofing sports lights, AIKO G3 Harmony sports light is your perfect choice!

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