600W Sports Lighting

High lighting wattage consumption always means high electricity using – but sometimes we don’t have to. Our gorgeous 600W LED sports lighting use 65% lower electricity to produce same brightness 1000W of traditional metal halide flood lighting or 1000W HPS.

  1. Long lifespan of 600W sports lighting

The LED sports lighting normally offers L90B10@50,000hours, or L80B20@70,000hours. But the traditional metal halides just be able to offer 1000 to 2000hours working life.

  1. Longer warranty

For those lighting replacing or maintenance which needs large equipment to be transferred to the site and to be changed, the long time warranty of 7-years-warranty is much more efficient than 2-years-warranty of metal halide with 80% deduction of replacing.

  1. No need warm up

The LED sports lighting is instant on/off luminare, even in extremely cold environment. But the metal halides or HPS suffer a lot from warm-up issues, sometimes even last up to 20mins to get 100% performance output which brings very bad user experience to the players and spectators. And it may brings risk of safety. One more issue, the Metal Halide or HPS needs the cables cool down before re-start.

  1. Lighting distribution of LED sports lighting

The 600W LED sports lighting are able to get the second time of lighting distribution by using the optical lens. But the traditional metal halide are not able to meet that. So we can get more accurate of the lighting distribution on the pointing place with less power consumption.

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