3 effective ways to reduce light pollution

What is light pollution? Light pollution refers to inappropriate or excessive use of artificial lighting produced by modern urban architecture and nighttime lighting. This excessive lighting can cause serious environmental problems for humans, wildlife, and our climate, and is a new type of environmental pollution.

In fact many outdoor lights used at night are inefficient, overly bright, and improperly targeted. And in many cases, completely unnecessary. This light and the electricity used to create it is wasted in the sky instead of being focused on the actual objects and areas one wants to illuminate.

What are the hazards of light pollution?

  1. Disrupt human circadian rhythm
  2. Harmful to the normal growth of animals and plants
  3. Impact on urban environment and climate
  4. Endangering traffic safety and astronomical observations

How to reduce light pollution? Here are 3 effective ways to reduce light pollution.

  1. Avoid unnecessary and excessive light. The International Commission on Illumination has published many documents related to lighting standards for roads, various sports venues (football, tennis, swimming, ice sports, etc.), advertising, etc.
  2. Use qualified lighting equipment. That is, the use of lighting equipment that can avoid or reduce light pollution. The lamps should not emit light facing the sky, the brightness should be appropriate, and only illuminate the areas or objects that need to be illuminated, and prevent the places and objects that do not need to be illuminated from passively receiving light, that is, to prevent overflowing light.
  3. Choose the appropriate lighting method and take the necessary lighting control. This control includes space control and time control. For example, the use of strong floodlights such as spot lights and narrow-beam floodlights and laser lights should be strictly restricted to project to the sky and crowds.

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