Anti-glare lighting for sports players

Participating in sports activities with external sources of light, such as sunlight or bright lighting, can be stressful, especially for athletes.

  1. What is glare

Two types of glare effects can cause performance disruptions .In other words,

  • Discomfort glare – shielding one’s eye or the urge to look away
  • Disability glare – a more serious issue that leads to loss of visibility of particular objects.
  1. B. Effect of glare for athletes

Some objects that athletes may not be able to see include objects that have a low contrast with the background. For example, a white ball is in the background of a fan wearing light clothing. Other factors may include the Angle of light and spectral distribution. In this regard, innovative anti-glare solutions have been introduced to both professional and amateur athletes to ensure that the effects of glare are limited.

Anti-glare lighting is one of the innovations that has played an important role in helping athletes compete in an ideal lighting environment. This is a professional lighting technology with stable lighting performance. Also, in addition to the benefits of “friendly lighting,” anti-glare lighting is more energy efficient and also good for the camera.

In addition to the athlete’s point of view – anti-glare lighting for the athlete – there is also the spectator’s point of view. It provides a great entertainment experience without having to see lighting problems while playing. User experience is key to every sporting event, so stadiums should focus on investing in the ideal glare free lighting system. Lighting systems come in different sizes and prices, depending on space and budget. Please consult our engineers for more information on anti-glare lighting equipment before purchasing.

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