Advantages of AIKO’s Ares LED Sports Light

AIKO Lighting has more than 11 years of experience in the field of sports lighting.

Ares led sports light is the ideal solution for all types of venues looking for professional level stadium lighting performance. Less weight, excellent EPA, good TLCI , high lumen with 160lm/w, easy installation way etc., Ares has a variety of installation methods such as integral driver box, remote driver solution, Knuckle assembly bracket and arm mounting bracket. Customers can choose different installation methods according to the actual application site.

● ASP04 Ares uses cold forged pure 1070 aluminum heat sink, which has higher aluminum content than aluminum extrusion and die-cast aluminum, and has better heat dissipation effect, better toughness and safer.
● The PC lens of ASP04 Ares is made of calculus material, the optics is more perfect, UV resistance and long life.
● Ares has compact size and low EPA wind resistance, minimize the windward area of the lamp, and make it safer.
● Ares using OSRAM 3737-P8 LEDs, better air tightness, suitable for harsher environments, lower junction temperature, longer life.
● Ares has Dim To Off function.
● Ares was installed in 1 UEFA project and 1 Olympic swimming pool project,
and has been recognized and trusted by customers from Europe and the United States.
● Ares with fully certificates & tests, strictly follow UL/CE(EMC,LVD)/ROHS/TUV-CB/ standards for enhancing quality.

AIKO’s Ares Suitable for Professional, College, Semi-Professional, Sports Clubs, Amateur Leagues, High School, Traing Facilities, Elementary School, Recreational Event, Social Event etc.

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