An Introduction of AHM03 High Mast Roadway Lighting from AIKO Lighting

This is the introduction of AHM03 high mast roadway lighting from AIKO Lighting. AHM03 is a great lighting solution for new and retrofit industrial applications, and it can directly meet the requirements of 1:1 replacement projects. It can be widely used in High Ways, Airports, Truck Stops, Container Yards, Port Container Facilities, Large Area Industrial, Interchanges, Parking Lots, Rail Yards, Toll Plazas, Military Installations, Security Lighting, etc.

AHM03 high mast roadway lighting features the best construction with the rugged die-cast aluminum housing, with Akzonobel powder spray material. Longer service time.

The body of the AHM03 high mast roadway lighting adopts a hollow design to achieve convection heat dissipation, which can effectively take away heat. Adaptive temperature: -40 degree to 55 degree. Unique design to prevent rain and snow accumulation.

Hook structure, to open the power chamber without tools.

The angle of the lamp body can be rotated within 355° by loosening the screws for more accurate lighting.

Sleeve mounting and bracket mounting are optional.It can be installed on existing arms without the need to replace the light pole or bracket, which adds no further replacement costs. The sleeve fixing can also be adjusted for better lighting.

The standard configuration is PC lens, the glass structure can also be added to meet your project needs.

Using high-quality LED chips from Osram, Philips and other brands, 100,000 hours life.

Intelligent photocell sensor can turn on the lighting mode when it is dark.

Multiple light distribution types for different types of areas or roads.

IP66 & IK07, 3G vibration rated, from 210W to 750W, up to 150lm/W.

CB, CE, UL, ROHS, Salt Spray Test…

If you are looking for a suitable product for your high mast roadway project, trust me, AHM03 high mast roadway lighting is a reliable solution for all applications.

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