Wired Dimming Method of LED Lamps

Many lighting projects have dimming requirements for LED lamps. The main wired dimming methods of LED lamps include the following:

  1. DALI dimming: The DALI standard has defined a DALI network, including a maximum of 64 units (can be independently addressed), 16 groups, and 16 scenes. Different lighting units on the DALI bus can be flexibly grouped to achieve different scene control and management. In practical applications, a typical DALI system application can control 40 to 50 lights, which can be divided into 16 groups, and can process some controls/scenarios in parallel. The advantage of DALI is that it has special protocol provisions, which enhances product interoperability between different brands, and each DALI device has a separate address code, making it truly controllable by a single lamp. Two-way communication facilitates timely query and understanding of equipment status and information.
  1. Triac dimming: It is a common dimming method, mainly suitable for incandescent lamps and LED lamps. Its main advantages are high adjustment accuracy, small size, lightweight, and easy remote control. However, its dimming effect on LED lamps is not ideal and may cause the front-cut dimmer to produce greater noise, so it is not commonly used in demanding situations.
  2. 0/1-10V dimming: The advantages of this dimming method are simple application, good compatibility, high precision, and the dimming effect is better than phase-cut dimming. However, this approach requires adding additional control lines and controllers. Its communication distance is related to the 0/1-10V signal wire diameter, material, power supply signal current, and power supply quantity.
  1. PWM dimming: It is the most widely used dimming method with the best dimming performance. PWM dimming changes the brightness by changing the ratio of the LED’s on and off time. Since the human eye’s perception of brightness is nonlinear, this dimming method can achieve very precise brightness control.


  1. DMX dimming: The DMX512 protocol was first developed by USITT (United States Institute of Theater Technology) into a standard digital interface from the console to control the dimmer. DMX512 transcends analog systems, but cannot completely replace analog systems. Advantages of DMX dimming: 1. Digital dimming, dimming is accurate, stable, and smooth; 2. Fast signal transmission rate, no delay; 3. Single light control, and more flexible control, can cooperate with programming software to achieve various required dynamic effects (Brightening lighting, stage lighting).

The above are the main wired dimming methods of LED lamps. When selecting and using these dimming methods, you need to choose based on specific application scenarios and needs.

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