For the sports lighting industry, North America and Europe are the top 2 markets in the world. North America prefers round stadium lights, and Europe prefers square stadium lights. This article will help you explore why North America prefers round stadium lights.

First of all, from a functional point of view, round stadium lights usually have better light distribution and energy efficiency ratio. Due to the particularity of its shape, round stadium lights can illuminate the entire field more evenly, utilize light more effectively, avoid light dead spots that may occur with square floodlights, reduce light loss, and thereby improve lighting effects. This is very important for stadiums, performance venues, etc. that need to provide high-quality lighting effects. Compared with square stadium lights, round stadium lights have less wind resistance and are safer. At the same time, the heat dissipation performance of round stadium lights is relatively good, which is beneficial to extending the service life of the lamps. These advantages make round stadium lights more competitive in the North American market.

Secondly, from an aesthetic point of view, the design of round stadium lights is more in line with the aesthetic trend of the North American market. In North America, people usually prefer soft and elegant design styles, and round stadium lights can just meet this demand. In contrast, the design of square floodlights may appear too rigid and direct, which is not in line with the aesthetic preferences of the North American market.

In addition, round stadium lights also have certain advantages in installation and maintenance. Due to its relatively simple structure, installation and replacement are relatively easy. Square floodlights may be relatively troublesome to install and maintain due to their complex appearance. This may also be a reason why the North American market prefers round stadium lights.

Finally, from the perspective of market demand, the North American market has a high demand for high-quality, high-performance lighting products. As a high-end lighting product, round stadium lights can undoubtedly meet the needs of the North American market with their excellent performance and unique design. This is also an important reason why round stadium lights are so popular in the North American market.

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