Why die-casting aluminum usually chooses ADC12?

Die-casting aluminum is a common metal forming technique commonly used to make components in sectors such as LED industry, automotive, aerospace and electronics. When choosing a material for die-cast aluminum, ADC12 is a widely used material. This article will explore why ADC12 is a common choice for die cast aluminum.

ADC12 is an aluminum-copper-iron-nickel alloy with high strength and toughness, but also excellent corrosion resistance and pressure resistance. Compared with other die-cast aluminum materials, ADC12 has better processability and melting properties, so it is easier to process and melt. In addition, ADC12 has good electrical and thermal conductivity, making it a useful material for high-temperature components.

The manufacturing process of die-cast aluminum often involves high temperature and pressure processes, so the material must have sufficient strength and toughness to ensure that the parts will not crack or deform during the manufacturing process. The strength and toughness of ADC12 allow it to perform well in a variety of die cast aluminum fabrication processes. In addition, ADC12 has good corrosion resistance, which makes it ideal for manufacturing components in marine and industrial applications.

Another important factor is the melting properties of ADC12. During aluminum die casting, the molten aluminum must fill the cavity in the mold and maintain the proper fluidity to fill all spaces. ADC12 has a higher melting temperature than other die-cast aluminum materials, making it easier to heat and melt. In addition, ADC12 has a relatively wide melting temperature range, which makes it easier to control melting and flow during die casting.

To sum up, ADC12 is the usual choice for die casting aluminum because of its excellent strength and toughness, excellent corrosion resistance and pressure resistance, good processability and melting properties. In addition, the ADC12 is widely used in the manufacture of high-temperature and high-pressure components, as well as components in the automotive, aerospace and electronic equipment fields.

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