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Save money and offer a unique experience:

this is the goal we set ourselves for sports facilities!

LEDs that go beyond lighting.Saving money and offering a unique experience:

this is the goal we set ourselves for sports facilities!

Sports facilities are unique places with needs that differ according to the type of sport for which they were designed.

The only feature they have in common is that the lights play a fundamental role, whether it is an outdoor field (soccer, tennis, baseball, etc.) or indoors (multipurpose facilities, gyms, volleyball, etc.). managers must aim to create the best conditions for both athletes and spectators, and excellent lighting can make all the difference. But striking the right balance between stakeholders is not a simple matter. On the one hand there are the sportsmen who require adequate lighting, on the other the spectators who want to enjoy the show and finally there are the managers who seek to reduce consumption and, above all, maintenance costs.

Not just Sports!

Often these structures become real stages for sporting or entertainment events. Just think of the sports halls that are used for concerts or small events, or the sports tournaments that are organized on an annual basis.

Therefore, today more than ever, structures must have a versatile lighting system that is suitable for all these needs, it is not necessary to focus only on athletes, but also on spectators, photographers and video makers.

We can help you find the right balance by collaborating to make your facility more efficient with our latest generation LED systems that are able to meet all the above requirements. Obsolete and oversized lighting systems are often equipped in this sector. One of the fundamental problems, in addition to the excessive energy consumption, is that the lamps used exploit a type of outdated technology and unable to optimize the light produced. Using our LED technology we are able to give a high quality of lighting capable of highlighting your structure.

Quality at no cost!

Replacing your lighting technology to switch to LED obviously has first of all an immediate economic advantage.

This is a figure that can be calculated easily. Let’s take into consideration a single soccer field that uses the old iodide lights, which to obtain about 80Lux needs 10 400W lights with a consumption of 4kwh, considering 6 working days with 8 hours of continuous lighting, we have a monthly cost equal at €240 or €2,850 per year.

Replacing them with our LED lights, we could obtain 85Lux using 10 200W lights, reducing consumption to 2kwh, with a monthly consumption of €120 or €1,400 per year.

But the strength of LEDs is not only in energy saving, the real advantages can only be understood with daily use.

Lifespan tripled

The life of a LED spotlight is at least three times that of an iodide spotlight, with a clear reduction in maintenance costs!

No loss of power

With each use, iodide headlights lose light intensity (lumen) which can be calculated at about 50% in two years! This does not happen with LED systems.

No waiting time to turn on

The LEDs do not need to wait for switching on and return 100% brightness immediately. In contrast, halide lamps need time to warm up or cool down. In the event of a power failure even for just a minute, the LED lights mean you don’t have to wait for it to be turned on again, and they can be turned off even if it is not in use for a short time.

The night has more color!

Our LED lamps have a CRI greater than 80Ra.

What does this value mean?

The CRI, or color rendering index, is a measure of the ability of a light source to make the colors of the objects it illuminates appear natural.

Let’s imagine seeing a team playing with a red shirt, with iodide lighting the red would appear more dull and with gray tones. With LED lighting with a higher color rendering red appears much more natural and bright, making a gaming experience much more pleasant and less straining on the eyes.

The same effect is obtained for the grass of a soccer field, which with the LED would have a much more lively and natural appearance.

Iodide headlights have a CRI between 60 and 65, so think how the color of the grass would change, making it seem duller or almost different!

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