What’s the secret to creating the best golf course lighting?

Sports are becoming more popular than ever as summer approaches and the weather warms up. Therefore, stadium lights have become indispensable for indoor and outdoor sporting events. The demand for golf course lighting at night is also growing.

It is more critical that golf course lighting design meets relevant industry lighting standards as well as controlling events such as hitting, falling, trajectory, shadows, and visual comfort. Golfers enjoy a situational lighting environment that adapts to local conditions and is coordinated among the holes of the overall golf course. At the same time, professional stadium lighting, highly reliable structural design and electrical hardware, as well as readily accessible, customizable software, as well as ease of operation and maintenance, are critical indicators of the quality of night stadium lighting design.

Golf Course Course Project in UAE (1)

As a leader in golf course lighting design and construction, AIKO Lighting strives to create better golf course lighting optics, more reliable electrical configurations, and more intelligent and convenient remote controls, and are committed to continually improving lighting quality, minimizing operation and maintenance difficulty and cost. Through material reconstruction of hardware and comprehensive improvement of management services, we aim to achieve a win-win situation between humanities and operational income.




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