What preparations did AIKO make for Lightfair

Just this month, our team was excited to once again participate in one of the world’s largest professional lighting exhibitions – Lightfair. As a lighting service provider that has been focusing on LED stadium and street lights for many years, I would like to share some of the preparatory work our team did before the LFI exhibition.

Firstly, we conducted in-depth research on the theme of the exhibition. We understand that LFI Exhibition focuses on the latest trends and innovations in lighting, lighting control, and related technologies. We have spent a lot of time researching the latest technologies, products, and market trends in these fields to ensure that we can share our professional knowledge and experience with other exhibitors at the exhibition.

Secondly, we have prepared some carefully crafted display materials for the exhibition. Our team has created a beautiful display board and promotional brochure, which is the most popular sports field in the United States – rugby field, as well as a rugby field carpet. We hope that customers who come to the United States can see this scene and feel immersive and friendly. We have also produced some display lamp samples so that we can present our products or samples to visitors and other exhibitors for inspection.

Thirdly, we constantly establish connections with customers. Before the exhibition, we use tools such as social media and email to send invitation letters and exhibition related information to promote to customers and potential customers, so that they can understand the content and exhibits we display at the booth. In addition, we actively contacted other industry experts during the exhibition and shared our experiences and insights with them.

Finally, we have made sufficient plans for the exhibition. We place enough exhibits and display materials on the booth to make sufficient plans and preparations for the layout and decoration of the booth area. In addition, throughout the entire exhibition period, we interacted with clients and other exhibitors, seeking new cooperation opportunities and business partners.

Overall, Lightfair is a professional event worth participating in. For any lighting supplier, it is very important to make sufficient preparations and actively participate in exhibition activities. Our team learned a lot of valuable experience and lessons during the LFI exhibition, and achieved better processes and creativity through the subsequent gains. Through these preparations, I believe we can achieve success and demonstrate our professional strength and innovative spirit.

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