What is the main difference between high mast lights and LED flood lights?

High mast lighting is typically used to illuminate large areas from very high installation heights, typically mounted on poles ranging in height from 50 feet to 150 feet, and mounted to these poles with retaining rings or lowering devices. There are usually 3 to 12 fixtures on each pole. High mast lights are ideal when you want to illuminate a large area with fewer poles.

High Mast Lighting Applications: This type of outdoor lighting is commonly used by airports, ports, industrial, commercial and municipal organizations for large car parks, railway yards, ports, highways and airports etc.

Choosing the most suitable type of LED fixture for a large outdoor lighting project can be difficult. Two common outdoor lighting application options include: high mast lighting and flood lighting. These two terms are often used interchangeably, but in reality they offer different capabilities, specifications and solutions. 

What is the difference between high mast lights and flood lights?

High mast lights are similar to flood lights in that they can illuminate large areas.

One of the most obvious differences is that mast lights typically have taller poles than flood lights. The larger the area you want to illuminate, the higher your lights will need to be mounted (if you want to keep the total number of poles to a minimum). Therefore, when lighting a large area, high pole lights are usually the first choice.

In conclusion, there are many differences between high pole lights and flood lights, you need to choose the product according to the actual project requirements, and there are many factors to consider when choosing the most suitable product type for your project. Aiko can help you make photometric simulations that will help determine if a luminaire meets the lighting requirements for your intended application.

The Apollo LED high mast light is designed with high efficiency and performance

features. With the easy installation and low maintenance, it’s a great choice specifier

for new and retrofit industrial applications. The Apollo LED provides long lifespan,

perfect uniformity and significant power reduction compared with traditional Medal

Halides. Read on to learn why the Apollo is uniquely qualified one.

The Apolo got multiple lighting distributions for the roadway.

The designed purpose is to maximize the spacing while meeting

the stringent requirements of IES RP8 guidelines for average,

uniformity and veiling luminance. Reduction of the installation

costs is the other main goal when doing retrofit project with no

need to change or rewire the exsiting luminaire arms.

Asymmetric lighting distribution is easily to be achieved on the

roadway with rotatable opticals.

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