What is the importance of lighting in stadiums and sports fields?

What is the importance of lighting in stadiums and sports fields? Find out here!

Lighting in stadiums and fields is an important element in the construction of facilities for holding matches, games, festivals, and entertainment and recreation activities. In this context, there is a lot of information about lighting for small spaces, such as shops and industries, but there is still little material related to the subject in sports arenas, for example.

For this reason, we are going to talk about lighting in stadiums and fields, as well as LED floodlights for sports fields and other spaces dedicated to sports. In addition, we will present tips for choosing the best equipment and provide details on the evaluation of the lighting objectives, the amount needed, the power, the color temperature, the obscuration index, the presence sensor, etc.

What is the importance of good lighting for stadiums, arenas and sports fields?

Good sports arena lighting should not be viewed as an expense item, but as an investment that has the power to increase profits, reduce energy costs, increase demand for space rentals, or even host events. like concerts.

This is because good lighting benefits both those inside the pitch or stadium and those watching. It also becomes indispensable for the promotion of other events. When done correctly, there is higher luminous efficiency and lower power consumption.

What are the advantages of good lighting in sports arenas?

Now, we are going to highlight some advantages that good lighting offers for sports fields, arenas and stadiums. It is important to note that these advantages are only presented satisfactorily when the lighting project is carried out correctly and is executed well.


Security is one of the most debated points in stadiums and sports arenas today. There is a lot of thought about alternatives on how to reduce violence in these spaces, however, simple measures can also help solve the problem.

This is because, for the same reason that poorly lit streets are more dangerous, crimes occur more often when the offender is certain they cannot be identified or caught – and a dark or gloomy environment is conducive. for it.

Therefore, it is correct to state that good lighting increases not only the comfort, but also the feeling of security of the spectators. Hiring professionals and surveillance cameras are other good solutions, but they must be adopted in conjunction with a good lighting infrastructure.


The clarity also creates comfort both for those in the stands and for those inside the stadium or field, playing or participating in any other event. Lighting allows good work to be done and play in adequate visibility conditions for those who are in the environment.

For those who are in the stands, good lighting allows them to see the entire field clearly and identify everything that is happening in the event, whether it is sporting or not.

Achieving light comfort is not easy and, for this, it is necessary to have the experience of trained companies. Unfortunately, it’s common for poorly executed projects to cause confusion for both those in the audience and those in the field. This should be avoided as much as possible, since it harms the entire public of the event.

good visibility

There are several strategies to achieve good visibility for spectators, ranging from the location of the stands to the difference in height between one floor and another of the seats. However, lighting is an essential part of this process and must illuminate the entire space.

Placing luminaires randomly does not guarantee good visibility, since some places risk being too bright and others poorly lit. An equal distribution of lighting is needed in the stands and in the stadium, which can only be achieved by choosing the correct luminaires and the places where they will be placed.

Good experience for the public

All the other advantages indicated are directly linked to the latter. When there is safety, comfort and good visibility, the public will have a good experience regarding the event.

What are the necessary care with the installation of lighting?

The two main recommendations are: choose the right place for the installation and opt for the right luminaires for the demand. The wrong equipment runs the risk of not lighting the environment in a neutral way, and this contributes to confusion, as well as impairing good visibility.

On the other hand, the wrong placement of lighting poles and reflectors can dazzle both those on the field and the audience – which is a big problem for the show in general. Therefore, it is necessary to seek to achieve an adequate level of luminosity for each existing activity in the stadium.

There are several ways to use light in a sports arena, such as emergency exit, scenic, and façade lighting. In this way, when well planned, the technique values ​​the stadium and guarantees economy in the energy bill.

What are the consequences of not having good lighting in stadiums and sports fields?

Most people work during the day and play sports at night to relieve stress and get regular physical activity. For this reason, it is important to consider the lighting of sports courts as a relevant factor for users.The lack of light generates insecurity for the people who frequent the place, due to poor visibility. 

Failure to comply with legal requirements can bring unpleasant consequences for the owners of the courts, in case they are privately owned. On the other hand, the use of obsolete equipment generates more expenses with constant changes and maintenance.

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