What is the impact of LED lights in sports?

LED technology has shown its advantages. It shines longer, is more efficient, and uses less energy than metal halide or fluorescent lamps. LEDs have also proven their efficiency in boosting performance. Similarly, LEDs are also used in sports.

  1. Sport hall

Good lighting not only ensures the visual comfort of athletes in the stadium, but also ensures a pleasant visual environment. The light output must be high enough to ensure a harmonious distribution of light. All of these combined will keep the athlete in the best mental and physical condition for physical activity. In order to achieve these results, it was necessary to bring the concept of modern LED lighting in one place. In addition, there are economic benefits to optimizing lighting systems. Thus, it will have the potential to save up to 80% energy compared to conventional solutions.

  1. Outdoor stadium

When exercising outdoors, good lighting is crucial. First and foremost, a uniform and flicker-free lighting will allow practice activities in the best possible conditions. They are able to pass the ball in clear ideal situations. In team sports, they will perceive the ball better and lead the team to victory in a perfect color rendering index and brightness environment. In baseball, for example, the baseball player has half a second to react and hit the ball. Visibility and brightness have to be optimal to ensure a good response and lead the team to a home run. Therefore, high color rendering without glare is essential. The layout of lighting should be considered upstream to avoid annoyance caused by shadowed areas on the site. Last but not least, the light fixture must be waterproof and durable. Due to external conditions, these lights must have IP65 or IP66 certification.To sum up, at the level of sports facilities, LED lighting has its importance. Its energy efficiency and its effect on the mental state of athletes optimizes their performance. Mounting must be carefully considered to maximize mobility and visibility. Athletes can improve their vision, comfort, visual performance and position themselves in the correct position before and during competition. LED lighting will help improve the entire environment surrounding a sporting event. Of course this can also have implications for sports broadcasting as well. This reminds us of the Super Bowl incident in 2013. Because metal halide lamps are used, it takes a certain waiting time to turn on, and the rest time reaches half an hour, interrupting the continuity of the game, and the audience will also have a certain emotional interruption, so Opting for LED lights also allows you to turn on instantly at any time.

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