What is the Difference between Dialux and AGi32 in Stadium Lighting Simulation?

Dialux and AGi32 are both software for lighting calculations, and they both divide lighting calculations into three categories of scenarios: indoor, outdoor, and road lighting calculations. However, the AGi32 differs from the Dialux in some ways.

First of all, AGi32 needs to set different calculation surfaces when building models according to different scenarios. Secondly, a significant advantage of AGi32 is that it has a complete daylight analysis system, which means that AGi32 can perform daylight calculations regardless of indoor or outdoor scenes. Dialux focuses more on sports lighting design and provides specialized sports lighting design tutorials.

Additionally, Dialux and AGi32 differ in the accuracy and speed of lighting calculations. AGi32 uses advanced ray tracing technology to more accurately simulate the propagation and reflection of light, resulting in more accurate lighting calculation results. Dialux uses a simplified light model. Although the calculation is faster, it may not be able to obtain completely accurate results in some complex scenes.

Dialux and AGi32 also differ in terms of the user interface. Dialux’s user interface is relatively simple and intuitive to operate, making it suitable for beginners to get started quickly. The user interface of AGi32 is relatively complex, rich in functions, and requires a certain learning cost. However, AGi32 provides rich help documents and online tutorials, and users can gradually master its various functions through learning and practice.

In terms of supported file formats, both Dialux and AGi32 support scene files generated by common 3D modeling software (such as CAD, SketchUp, etc.), making it easy for users to import existing models for lighting calculations. In addition, both also support a variety of lighting device models, such as LED, fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, etc., to meet the lighting needs of different scenes.

In practical applications, Dialux and AGi32 each have their advantages. For indoor lighting design, especially in large spaces such as stadiums and exhibition halls, Dialux’s professional sports lighting design features are more attractive. For outdoor lighting design, especially urban landscape lighting, road lighting, and other scenarios, AGi32’s daylight analysis and complete equipment model are more advantageous.

Dialux is a software developed in Germany and used by many people, and Europe likes to use it. AGi32 is an American software commonly used in North America. In short, when choosing between Dialux and AGi32, the decision should be based on specific design needs and usage habits. If you have special needs for sports lighting design, you can choose Dialux; if you have higher requirements for daylight analysis and outdoor lighting design, you can choose AGi32. At the same time, continuous learning and practice are the keys to improving the level of lighting design.

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