What are the relevant tips for choosing the best LED floodlights for a multi-sports court?

The quality of LED floodlights varies greatly depending on the manufacture. Low-cost products typically have lower quality and a shorter shelf life. This happens because they are generic and produce poor lighting. See below how to choose the best equipment for the multi-sports court!

 Evaluate lighting objectives

LED lighting installations have diversified objectives, so the professional responsible for the lighting project needs to evaluate the size of the space and other factors. For the multi-sports field, the use of four poles each nine meters high is recommended, with 200W or 400W LED floodlights.

The posts are placed seven meters away from the axis of the court and three meters from the limits of the space. The luminosity must be homogeneous, avoiding obfuscation and the formation of shadows. It is recommended that light points with 100W LED floodlights be installed. These recommendations guarantee energy savings.

Consider the amount needed

The number of LED floodlights influences the quality of light. Therefore, buy enough equipment to ensure that the illuminance, or amount of light measured in lux, stays around 300lx horizontally.

These aspects ensure that sports activities can be practiced during the night without difficulties. Illuminance is essential for athletes and spectators to have visibility, especially if training or games take place at night.

consider the power

The power of LED floodlights varies between 10 and 1,000 watts. Therefore, the choice of the right model is a real challenge for those who are not specialized in this area. The 10-watt models have a light output of approximately 700 lumens, and are suitable for small spaces, such as gardens up to 10 square meters.

The 50 watt models are very popular and have the capacity to generate more than 3,000 lumens. They replace the old halogen floodlights that contained around 500 watts. They are useful for condos, gardens, and larger trees. In parking lots and condominium areas , the use of 200 or 100 watt LED floodlights is recommended.

LED floodlights that have more than 300 watts have special technical applications and require the use of posts and technical calculations. These equipments are generally included in lighting projects, which bring several benefits for users.

Analyze the color temperature

Color temperature is divided into two distinct groups. The cool white light from the floodlights, which is above 6,000K, produces a brighter feeling. The warm white light, which is below 3,000K, whose floodlights emit a yellowish luminous flux, promotes relaxation and comfort for users.

The best-selling model is the cool white light, since most people prefer the intense and clear light that these floodlights produce. This attribute is suitable for sports fields and parking lot lighting .

The yellowish light floodlights make the environments more welcoming. In this way, they are excellent for gardens, commercial facades and interior spaces. But there is an LED reflector with colored lights, such as yellow, green, blue, red, which is suitable for highlighting and reinforcing the natural hue of certain areas.

Think about the obfuscation index

Blurring is the uncomfortable feeling we feel when looking directly at light, whether it’s from the sun or common lamps. Multi-sports courts have an ideal unified obfuscation index, which is up to 22.

With this indicator, the visual comfort of the athletes is guaranteed, allowing them to practice their night activities without suffering from excess light. Basketball courts, for example, can feature LED floodlights that have no points of shadows, reflections, or obscurations, despite being clear and bright.

However, if the sports court belongs to a park or condominium and does not host professional competitions, 150-watt LED floodlights with 200 lux are ideal. With them, the environment will be pleasant and will satisfy the needs of the athletes who use them.

Choose between RGB or presence sensor

As mentioned above, conventional LED floodlights emit a single color: cool white, warm white, or colored. However, in some cases, the color variation is essential, especially for the production of effects or lighting at events. These teams are electronic and fill this gap through automatic models.

Thus, they can emit various shades of color through the remote control. They are called colored RGB models, which have an accessory that helps monitor spaces and help reduce energy consumption . The accessory is the presence sensor.

LED floodlights come with built-in presence sensors. These options are ideal for driveways or areas where pedestrians pass. The reflector is activated by movement to increase people’s safety.

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