Waterproof Test and Aging Test of LED Lamps

The waterproof test and aging test of LED lamps are important links to ensure product quality and safety. Manufacturers of LED lamps must pay attention to these two links. Product quality has always been AIKO’s core focus, so all AIKO lamps will undergo waterproofing and aging tests after they are completed.

  1. Waterproof test: LED lamps should have moisture-proof, moisture-repelling and breathing functions. To ensure that the lamp can work stably in a humid environment, the internal circuit board of the LED lamp must be moisture-proof, and the lamp needs to be equipped with a waterproof and breathable respirator. This design ensures that even if the interior of the lamp becomes damp, it can rely on the heat it generates to remove the moisture, thus ensuring the continuous and stable operation of the product. AIKO will put the LED lamps into colored water after they are completed. If the waterproof effect of the lamps is not good, traces will be left to facilitate workers to identify defective products.
  1. Aging test: The purpose of the aging test is to standardize the testing process of LED lamps, reduce lamp damage caused by improper operation, improve test efficiency, ensure the quality of lamps, and prevent safety accidents. As LED lighting becomes the mainstream of the lighting industry, research on its reliability has become particularly important. Normally, AIKO will conduct an 8-hour aging test after the LED lamps are ready.

In short, whether it is waterproof testing or aging testing, they are all to ensure that LED lamps can work stably and safely under various environmental conditions, thereby extending their service life and ensuring user safety. Therefore, when customers choose LED lamps, they should choose suppliers who will test the lamps to ensure the quality of the products.

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