Compared with other types of buildings, the core of lighting design for sports buildings should focus on the characteristics of sports buildings. We can expand on this topic from the following five aspects.

First, the relationship between sports lighting and athletes’ normal competition. In order for athletes to compete normally, sports building lighting must meet certain lighting requirements. Generally speaking, the larger the playing field, the faster the speed, and the smaller the ball, the higher the lighting standards.

Second, the relationship between sports lighting and the masses watching games. Lighting standards increase as the viewing distance of the audience increases, and illumination is a key indicator of whether the audience can see clearly. Giving the audience a good viewing experience is a necessary standard for sports lighting fixtures.

Third, the relationship between sports lighting and color HDTV broadcast. In order to ensure the viewing effect of tens of billions of TV viewers, international radio and television organizations actively participated in the formulation of lighting standards for sports architecture competitions, raising lighting standards a big step further.

Fourth, the relationship between sports lighting and print media. In addition to radio and television reporters and photographers, reporters from newspapers, magazines and other print media also have to report on the event. Some reporters are fixed in the press box, and some conduct interviews and reports within a certain range and within a certain period of time.

Fifth, the relationship between sports lighting and advertising in the competition venue. There is another type of group on the field that deserves attention, which is the advertisements around the field. Advertising revenue is also an important source of funding for sports clubs and competition organizers. For the organizer, advertisers are his customers, and it is the organizer’s responsibility to meet the customer’s requirements and protect the interests of the customer. For advertising, sports lighting only needs to be clearly visible to the audience and can be clearly communicated through television and other media.

In short, a modern sports building not only requires a beautiful appearance and complete functions, but also has good lighting requirements and lighting environment. It requires not only appropriate and uniform illumination and brightness, ideal light color, but also strong Three-dimensional effect, low glare, etc.

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