The selection of court lights and our high quality court lights

As one of the indispensable facilities in sports venues, the quality of the court light directly affects the athletes’ sight and the quality of the game. This article will introduce you to the key points of the selection of court lights, and recommend a high-quality court light of our company, to provide a reference for your court lighting upgrade.

First, the selection of stadium lights

  1. High light efficiency: The light effect of the court light is high, which can provide sufficient and uniform light, so that the players can clearly see the field and the ball).
  2. Anti-glare: the court light should be anti-glare design to avoid harsh light, affecting the athletes’ line of sight and the fairness of the game.
  3. Good heat dissipation performance: the working environment of the stadium lights is usually harsh, so the lamps are required to have good heat dissipation performance to ensure the stability and service life of the lamps.
  4. Durable material: the stadium light should be weather-resistant material, with rain, sun protection, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, can adapt to various adverse weather conditions.
  5. Safety: The stadium lights should have good electrical safety performance to avoid electric shock, fire and other safety accidents.
  6. Intelligent control: Modern stadium lamps can be equipped with intelligent control system to achieve energy saving, environmental protection and convenient lighting management.

Ii. Introduction of our high-quality court lights

The court lights produced by our company adopt high-quality light source and advanced optical design, which can provide bright and uniform light distribution to meet the needs of various court lighting. In addition, our court lights also have the following features:

  1. High efficiency and energy saving: The use of efficient LED light source, energy saving and environmental protection, reduce operating costs.
  2. Anti-glare design: Unique optical design can effectively reduce glare and protect the line of sight of athletes.
  3. Excellent heat dissipation performance: The use of high-quality heat dissipation materials to ensure the stable operation of lamps in high temperature environment.
  4. Weather-resistant material: The selection of high-quality weather-resistant materials, with rain, sun, corrosion and other characteristics.
  5. Safe and reliable: in line with national electrical safety standards to ensure safety during use.
  6. Intelligent control: Intelligent control system is supported to achieve energy-saving lighting management.

When choosing the court lights, please pay attention to the above points, and provide you with professional court lighting solutions for our high-quality court lights. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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