The Revolution of Baseball Lighting

History of Sports Lighting System

Baseball is the top three popular game in US, which invented in 19th century. Since the beginning, baseball games only played at daytime because of less of competent lighting system to support people play at night time. Even in mid 19th century, people still can’t imagine baseball could be played at night time. But attribute to the innovative lighting technology, especially since the first light bulb published, it enables people to play baseball game at nigh at ballpark. The first night game of baseball was played in 1880. And the first official league game took place at night in 1935, which powered by GE projectors. Since then, metal halide fixtures becoming the most popular in sports fields.

Metal Halide VS LED Fixtures

Since metal halide lamps published, metal halide sports light has served for decades. Then the next innovative technology of lighting evolves into LED lighting.Since then, the led technology impact the sports fields quite a lot.And the first LED sports light was published in 2015. In contrast to metal halide sports fixture, LED light can be turn on immediately instead of 20-30 minutes of warming time. And longevity of LED fixture could reach 100,000hours at L70 lumens maintenance. And it can embrace the IoT control system to offer convenient operation for operators.

The Future of LED Baseball Lighting

Spill light, glare, uniformity and IoT are the most getting more attention from managers/owners and operators. Spill light could bother neighbors and environment.The glare and uniformity will affect players and spectators. IoT will be mandatory demand considering the energy consumption guidance.

AIKO Lighting Baseball Fixture

AIKO Lighting has been focused on baseball sports lighting for decade.We have our own IoT control system and fixtures can offer good uniformity with minimum glare and spill light.

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