The much-anticipated Huyong battle has begun

On the 5.3rd Beijing time, the much-anticipated Huyong battle began. In the first quarter of the game, the Warriors had a better start and took the lead. The thick eyebrows took advantage of the inside line and led the team to catch up with 14 points in a single quarter. The Warriors ended the first quarter with a 2-point lead. In the second quarter, the scores of the two sides rose alternately. James made a mid-range shot to help the Lakers lead the first half. At halftime, the Lakers led the Warriors by 1 point. In the third quarter, Russell and Reeves broke out, leading the Lakers to an 8-point lead into the final quarter. In the final quarter, the Lakers once widened the contrast to double digits, and the Warriors played a wave of 14-0 to catch up with the point difference. At the last moment, the Warriors trailed by 3 points and got an absolute chance. Poole missed a long three-pointer, and the Warriors had to foul. In the end, the Lakers beat the Warriors 117-112.

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