The Lighting Design of the Racecourse

Horse arena Lighting for indoor and outdoor racecourses is not an easy task due to the varying turf lighting requirements. We have developed high-mast, high-bay or low-bay LED lights for outdoor venues, they are anti-glare, shock-proof, waterproof, and suitable for long-distance lighting. This floodlight has a very high luminous efficiency of 160 lm/W, which is 300 to 400% more efficient than conventional metal halide or halogen lamps. To help you with your lighting projects, we offer free racetrack lighting designs. Let’s take a look at how to properly light a racetrack.

Why choose LED racetrack floodlights?

1, LED is brighter and therefore safer

Replacing metal halide, mercury, and high pressure sodium lamps with LEDs has many advantages. Bright lighting keeps all your engine facilities safe. As well as keeping your animals entertained, LED floodlights will increase riders’ riding time throughout the year, which will result in more revenue.

2, LED horse arena lights are more energy efficient

We can save at least 75% in energy when we replace mercury lamps, metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium lamps and other high intensity discharge lamps, which means we can also reduce the cost of electricity from lighting.

3, It is best to use non-stroboscopic LED lights for racetracks

Horse racing is a very popular and exciting sport, and strobe lights can greatly affect users watching the race. The horse is captured by high-speed cameras while sprinting toward the finish line; if the lights flicker, this critical moment cannot be captured.

Our LED lights have a flicker-free optical lens and can support slow motion cameras up to 6000hz (normal) to 10000 Hz (advanced). Feel free to contact us for further details.

4,Non-glare lighting for arenas

We provide our customers with long lasting equestrian lighting fixtures, hopefully avoiding annoying animals with their sharp looks, and we also provide free maintenance if something should go wrong.

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