How to choose the most suitable led street light for the road?

There are many different types of LED lights available on the market. The question is how can we choose the right street lights for our needs? In general, it is necessary to take into account things like wattage, power consumption, illumination, etc. These parameters not only influence the choice of LED lighting fixtures but also affect the public’s experience.

It is easy for a layman to believe that the bigger the wattage, the brighter the light. For a LED street light with the same wattage, the cheaper the better, which is also confusing. Not all LED street lights are the same. The term “brightness” is also known as “luminous efficiency.” Make sure you take this into account.

Luminous efficacy is the ratio of the luminous flux emitted by an electric light source to its power, and the unit is lumens/watt (LM/W). For evaluating the luminous efficiency of electric light sources, it is the most significant technical parameter. The luminance flux is the amount of light emitted per unit time, expressed in lumens. The higher the luminous flux of the unit power light source, the higher the conversion efficiency of electric energy, meaning the higher the luminous efficiency.

Don’t buy watts, buy lumens!

With a light output of 170 lumens/W, and full certificates verified, Aiko Royal is an excellent choice for big tender projects.

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Royal LED Street Lighting

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