The LED floodlight is the luminaire of choice for football stadium lighting, but also for sports lighting in general. Efficient, easy to set up, AIKO LIGHTING offers various ranges of LED floodlights to match all your lighting projects . 


The AFL10 HONOR range is intended for large installations, such as football stadiums with a large capacity for supporting supporters . With a power ranging from 240W up to 1500W, it is a powerful and robust luminaire . It is an IP66 luminaire, therefore resistant to any type of weather without problem. It allows you to illuminate large spaces with precision, while maintaining good uniformity . There are also several optics available , ranging from 10° up to 120°. By combining optics and rotation, you get the rendering you want with precision. Finally, dimming is available as an option to allow the power of the lighting to be controlled according to the use of the football stadium. Dimming modes are DALI and 1-10V dimming. Relatively light, it weighs from 7kg up to 29kg depending on the power chosen. 

AFL10 Honor Floodlight

Power: 240W 300W 400W 600W 900W 1000W 1200W 1500

IP rate:IP66

Intelligent control: Zigbee, DALI1, DALI2

Light distribution: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical


The AFL09 HARMONY range is a range of premium LED floodlights . It stands out for its ability to fit into most environments requiring an LED stadium lightIts very high light output (150 lm/W) provides powerful lighting with limited energy consumption . HARMONY offers powers ranging from 500W up to 1800W for larger installations. It is available in several color temperatures, ranging from 3000K up to 6500K. IP65, it easily withstands rain and dusty environments. For situations where it is necessary to be able to control the intensity of the lighting, DALI and 1-10V dimming is optional. This makes it possible to provide different levels of lighting depending on the use of the stadium. Its integrated yoke facilitates the installation of this luminaire on a crown for example, itself installed on a mast. This is the most common configuration for football stadium lighting using masts. It weighs from 13 kg up to 32 kg for the 1500W version. You therefore need a mast strong enough to support the weight of the crown and the projectors installed on it.

AFL09 Harmony Floodlight

Power: 500W 600W 750W 900W 1000W 1200W 1500W 1800W

IP rate:IP66

Intelligent control: Zigbee, DALI1, DALI2

Light distribution: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical


There are several ways to install an LED floodlight to illuminate a football pitch . The most widely used technique, as we have seen previously, is that of lighting poles. It allows quality lighting, which does not dazzle the players or the referees . For football stadiums with bleachers, it is possible to install the floodlights directly on the roof of the bleachers. This saves money on the mast price. Thanks to adapted optics, the rendering will be adapted to the configuration of the terrain. The LED floodlight can also be used to illuminate the bleachers themselves, to prevent supporters from tripping on the steps and to provide them with more visual comfort .


Each project is unique and the lighting arrangements must be adapted to the stadium to be lit. However, there are still certain provisions that are found quite often to light a football stadium. Let’s take a look at the two most common methods.


A widespread arrangement of the lighting system consists of placing the luminaires on poles positioned at the 4 corners of the stadium . Thus, the luminaires illuminate the terrain evenly, so that uniformity and visual comfort are respected. This provides a better gaming experience for players and referees, as well as a better view of the game for the supporters .


This arrangement, which works using a lighting mast, consists of positioning masts along the lengths of the field . It allows the use of less powerful luminaires than for the previous technique, by distributing them more evenly. This technique nevertheless requires the installation of more lighting masts .

To respect the minimum lighting thresholds given by the various regulations are respected, AIKO LIGHTING carries out the lumino-technical studies of football stadiums . Our integrated design office ensures uniformity above the minimum rates, as well as optimized lighting to save you money. Our promise is the guarantee of a positive ROI in less than 4 years for your relamping project . To find out more about what our study office can do for you, contact us or visit the page dedicated to lighting studies .

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