The importance of football field lighting, why should football fields choose professional lighting fixtures?

For modern people, the increasingly tense economy and pace of life make everyone have to release their pressure in various ways, such as sports and travel. But compared with traveling, more people choose to release their pressure through exercise, after all, this is the most convenient and more economical.

There are many kinds of sports, such as: playing basketball, playing football, playing badminton, swimming, etc., but no matter what kind of sports, and whether it is indoor or outdoor, lighting is an unavoidable topic. If it is daytime, you can rely on natural light, but if it is night, you must have lighting. Generally, most professional football fields use LED lighting fixtures, which have the advantages of instant lighting, energy saving, environmental protection, and long service life.

Take football as an example. Football is a highly confrontational sport that is very popular all over the world. For a modern football field, it is not only required to have complete sports facilities, but also to have a good lighting environment. There are strict requirements in terms of illuminance, illuminance uniformity, light color, CRI, glare, etc. In addition to ensuring the lighting effects required by athletes, referees and competitions, it should also meet the audience’s good viewing experience and the TV broadcasting needs of major events.

Illumination relies on the function of light to ensure that the light acts on the eyes of athletes, referees, and spectators to produce vision, so that everything on the sports field can be seen. Such as the light and shade of the site environment, the color of the surface of objects, buildings, appliances and clothing. Watch the shape and size, depth, three-dimensional sense of the target, the state of the athletes and the atmosphere of the stadium, etc. Therefore, good lighting plays an important role in modern football fields.

Sports lighting is divided into six levels (level I-level VI). Three of these levels require high-quality television broadcasting. In the case where TV broadcast is required, in order to ensure that each camera receives enough light and records high-quality video, the lighting design should consider the actual camera positions used. The primary goal of sports lighting is to ensure that the light on the sidelines and bottom lines of the field is symmetrical, and that the quality of digital recordings will not be affected when fixed and field cameras need to be added.

For professional football games, high-quality lighting fixtures and scheme design can effectively avoid problems such as spilled light, glare, and uneven illumination. Bringing bright and comfortable lighting effects to the football field, it can also better save energy, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and greatly improve the utilization rate and overall quality of the football field. In the field of football lighting, AIKO has created many football field lighting project cases all over the country with its excellent product quality and professional technical service capabilities.

Nowadays, most sports venues and colleges use LED lighting fixtures, and in response to the country’s requirements for establishing an energy-saving and emission-reducing society, LEDs, as energy-saving lighting equipment, are attracting more and more people’s attention. AIKO is committed to promoting national brands to the world and making national brands more brilliant.

Features of AIKO LED lighting fixtures:

  1. The lighting is not dazzling, and the glare problem is still one of the main problems plaguing all arenas.
  2. Lights with long service life, low light decay, low maintenance rate and low replacement rate.
  3. With safety guarantee and after-sales service, when the light fails, it can be returned for repair.

AIKO was born specifically for sports stadium lighting, not only conforming to the current lighting market trend, but also developing special products with special features according to the needs of the lighting market. The light source is imported and customized, and the drive uses a world-renowned brand power supply. The color temperature is closer to natural light, and the appearance of the lamp body is beautiful and generous. The use of AIKO stadium lights will make the whole stadium more upscale, beautiful and harmonious. AIKO lights are comparable to the special lights for the training halls of various national teams. The lights are not dazzling, the light is soft, and the uniformity is high.

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