In recent years, with the development of fast-paced economy, sub-health problems have become more and more obvious among professional people. In the face of sub-health, the most effective way is sports. Therefore, it can be seen with the naked eye that the scale of the sports industry is obviously on the rise, and sports-related consumption is also increasing day by day. Including visiting sports events, participating in sports activities, various ball sports, and even the field of e-sports have made great progress.

From the perspective of lighting companies, we will naturally pay attention to such a huge market opportunity, an opportunity to serve event venues, stadiums, and sports and fitness groups. Their requirements for lighting levels will become more and more high-end.

There are two areas that we focus on. The first is sports events, sporting goods, and other major categories in traditional sports fields, such as large-scale stadiums. The second is the personalized sports sub-industry, such as sports training, sports venues, fitness centers, etc.

The economic base determines the superstructure. As living standards continue to improve, while people enjoy sports, their requirements for venue facilities will naturally become higher and higher. The overall decoration design, flooring, equipment, lighting, etc. of the venue can bring different feelings to sports enthusiasts. Of course, from our point of view, lighting is the most important, it is an artifact that embellishes the overall decoration. Of course, for most people, stadium lighting is actually more difficult to deal with.

Because, compared with commercial lighting and home decoration lighting, sports lighting has its own special features.

First, the illumination requirements are relatively high. In order to ensure that the audience can watch the game and the TV station broadcast the game better, sports lighting must ensure sufficient illumination, especially for some small ball sports, better details are important. It can be as big as the sports situation, as small as the players’ expressions, or even as subtle as the rotation of the ball…

Second, the illumination must be uniform and glare must be controlled. In most sports arenas with high requirements for professionalism and sensory experience, in order to ensure that sports participants can perform better and that viewers are not uncomfortable due to glare in the venue, stadium lighting must have sufficient illumination without glare. And the illumination is uniform. Of course, these are simple to say, but not easy to do.

It has to be said that on the one hand, national fitness and sports power have become a major trend. On the other hand, the concepts of environmental protection, energy conservation, and emission reduction are also gradually gaining popularity. The scientificity, rationality, and environmental protection of sports lighting will become more and more important. This requires lighting design companies to continuously improve their design technology, keep abreast of new trends and products in the lighting industry, and apply them to sports lighting in an appropriate manner.

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