Perfect lighting for sports facilities

Sports lighting has to meet a number of special lighting requirements and regulations, so you need to rely on specialists like AIKO to get the best result. In its catalogue, the LED lighting company offers two high-power projectors specifically designed for this type of work: the Harmony and Ares families. It also offers a consultancy service through the technical office, which will carry out the lighting calculation and the calculation of the energy efficiency of the investment.

The goal is to ensure the best visibility, both for players and spectators. Players must be able to recognize every small detail of the pitch quickly and with certainty, and spectators must be able to observe the activities carried out clearly and effortlessly.

Among the aspects to take into consideration is the UNI EN12193:2009 standard (lighting of sports facilities), which provides tables with the lighting requirements for each type of sport and for fields or areas with standard measurements, depending on the category of the competitions held there. In fact, the requirements change whether they are international, national, regional or local competitions (class I, class II, class III). Furthermore, meeting these requirements facilitates the televising of events. In any case, both Harmony and Ares can be adapted to any situation.

More and more municipalities, sports clubs or companies are discovering the advantages of better lighting and therefore deciding to modernize, optimize quality and reduce consumption, given that energy saving allows, among other things, to minimize maintenance costs and recover the investment in a short period of time.

For example, in the case of the regular football pitches in Israel, AIKO installed the Harmony model. The federation has focused on this range to focus the light inside the field without dispersing it outside. All these factors affect the performance of athletes, improving it, as it allows them to move in a safe environment, without distractions or distorted perceptions.

The components of the Harmony projector are of the highest quality: the driver is of the Inventronic brand and the LED chips are high efficiency Osram. Also noteworthy are the surge protector, the IP65 watertight body, the lenses with 95% transmission, the aluminum heat sink and the front glass, which guarantees IK09 impact protection. The Harmony is available with different optics and adjustment options, so as to adapt to the needs of each project and guarantee the best light output.

The Harmony are high-power and quality floodlights, and are designed to resist bad weather and impacts, as indicated by the IP65 and IK08 protection degrees.

The external body has been designed to favor heat dissipation. In the structure there is a gasket that guarantees the watertightness of the front tempered glass. Inside there is a reflector which enhances the performance of the projector. PMMA lenses, which have a minimum 95% light transmission, are available with more than 11 different light distributions, including symmetric and asymmetric.  A motion sensor and a protective grille can also be added as options.

Harmony and Ares are two complete families, available in different powers and color temperatures, which have a 7-year guarantee.

In conclusion, an adequate sports lighting system must meet a number of requirements: ensure excellent playing conditions, maintain player and spectator safety, minimize unwanted effects and ensure good transmission quality. With so many factors that influence the correct lighting of a sports facility, the best thing is to get in touch with the AIKO technical office and request a lighting calculation to find the optimal solution. The company is at the forefront in terms of lighting consultancy and the supply of products that cover every type of need.

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