Lighting of sports grounds

Light for the best performance of athletes and the experience of spectators

A wide spectrum of requirements makes the lighting of sports venues one of the most demanding disciplines in the field of public lighting. A properly designed solution must meet the requirements in particular from the following points of view:


Extended operation and independence from daylight are a matter of course today. The lighting of the sports field significantly affects the performance of athletes, whether it is a training session or an international sports event. Proper lighting also has a positive impact on the safety and health of athletes.


Visual comfort allows sports fans to enjoy the experience of a sporting event to the maximum. The lighting system must be powerful enough to meet the demanding requirements of television filming, but at the same time must not dazzle the audience.


The lighting solution must be easy to maintain and have a long life (that’s why we use LED lights with a life of up to 100,000 hours). It is also necessary to take into account the resistance against impacts of balls, pucks or other blows, as well as humidity in swimming pools, as well as the effect of weather and seasons when lighting outdoor sports grounds.


We will always propose solutions that are maximally energy-saving given the specific situation. We will carry out an economic return study of your project.


Sports grounds must not pollute the surroundings with light smog. Our solution always takes into account the prevention of undesirable effects on the immediate surroundings, whether it concerns residents, nature (visibility of the starry sky) or animals (especially birds) living in the vicinity of the sports ground. Of course, we also take into account the field of aviation, where light smog can negatively affect civil air transport.


We will offer you a solution that meets all technical and administrative standards for lighting sports grounds. The project is also approved by the players’ association.

Specifics for various sports

Our company will propose a solution with regard to your specific requirements, whether it is a small children’s playground, a large sports area, recreational or professional sports, a sports hall, a workout field or an outdoor sports field. A swimming pool or golf course, where balls fly very high, is no exception. We will take care of the design, implementation and administrative stages of the project with our own efforts (e.g. settlement of the grant, negotiations with the authorities, etc.). During the project, we will communicate with you and consult with you about any new needs that usually arise during implementation.

Smart lighting of your sports field The lighting system can be controlled in the classic way (using switches), but we can also design controls where the control system works via remote management using a mobile interface, computer or tablet. This method enables the setting of individual lighting according to the user’s current needs, when it is possible to turn on each light separately or only on selected sections, e.g. when training takes place only on half the pitch. It is possible to variably change the chromaticity temperature (warm white, day white, cold white), thereby achieving maximum visual comfort for athletes and a faithful experience for fans. The control unit also reacts to the current lighting conditions according to the weather and time of day and thus adjusts the intensity of the light.

Construction of masts and attachment of lights On

open sports grounds, we also install automatically or manually folding masts on open sports fields, which allow easy installation directly from the ground and also safe and comfortable maintenance, when there is no need for a high platform that could damage the surface of the sports field. For covered sports halls, part of our solution includes the calculation of the statics of the roof, the project and, if necessary, the realization of the support structure of the lighting system.

Comprehensive services for the lighting of your sports ground

With AIKO, you will get the maximum for using the potential of your sports ground. We will prepare a tailor-made project for you, which we will then implement using high-quality and modern technologies. Our solution enables us to respond to new requirements and current trends over time. We will supply you with complete documentation for the project, including statements from the institutions concerned. We are ready to provide you with the processing of the subsidy. Thank you in advance for trusting us with your project and we look forward to working with you. We are here for you and don’t forget: AIKO is solutions that save!

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