Lighting Design and Construction of Professional Golf Courses

Golf course lighting is designed to meet golf course competitions. Lighting design indicators mainly include: horizontal illuminance, vertical illuminance, illuminance uniformity, light source color temperature and color rendering index, glare index, shadow. These indicators directly affect the quality of lighting usage for night play. To design a reasonable and targeted lighting stadium, first of all, on-site investigation and research should be carried out on the terrain, landform, drop, vegetation, etc. of the stadium. For new stadiums, detailed analysis should be carried out on modeling drawings, contour maps, sprinkler irrigation maps, etc., and the final plan should be formulated together with the owner.

Specific requirements for golf course lighting design: 1. The golf course must have sufficient illumination. It can make the batter see the flying height, direction and landing point of the ball with sight; can see the undulating terrain of the fairway in the golf course. 2. The arrangement of light poles and lamps should also consider sufficient horizontal illumination and uniformity. Minimize excessive light and dark changes in illumination. 3. Reduce and control glare. The selection and installation of lamps should consider the direction of light projection, so that the lamps on the main channel and the direction of projection light should follow the direction of the batter’s line of sight to avoid strong direct glare in the reverse direction. Lamps on adjacent channels should prevent their direct light from becoming the direct glare of each other. 4. Lamps with wide light distribution are used in the hitting area, so that there is enough diffused light in the hitting area. At the same time, the lamps and lanterns are also considered for scattered installation, so as to reduce or avoid the shadow of the batter in the hitting area.

The construction of lighting is a supporting facility of the golf course. Do not destroy the original landscape of the golf course because of the construction of the lighting course. Therefore, when designing a lighting stadium, the impact of lighting facilities on the stadium landscape should be fully considered, such as the number of lighting poles, the location of lighting poles and the placement of power distribution boxes. The principles of moderate number of poles, concealment of insertion and safe placement should be achieved respectively.

The following are some factors that should be paid special attention to when building a lighted stadium:

1.First of all, the illumination standard should be formulated with the owner

Usually, the scope of development includes T platform, fairway, and green to ensure sufficient illumination and uniformity. The illuminance should not deviate too much from each other. Generally, the ratio of 1:0.6:1.6 is appropriate, and the illuminance should be appropriately strengthened in the IP point area. At the same time, there should be enough vertical illumination to ensure that the flight path of the ball can be clearly seen. The index used is that the height of 30cm parallel to the fairway should be greater than 20Lux, and the lighting of the fairway, bunker emergency landscape, etc. should be taken into account.

2.In order to avoid the impact of light poles on the stadium landscape and playing, the following principles should be followed when laying poles

    1.The consideration of pole placement on the T stage is generally behind the T stage, and both left and right hand can be played at the same time; when it is not suitable for the pole placement behind the T stage, the forehand (ie left hand) pole position can be considered, taking the center of the T stage as the coordinate 0 point, (+, -) The area within 60° is the pole layout area, as shown in the figure below. In any case, the side of the light pole T platform should not be less than 5m (except for special cases).

    2.The arrangement of the poles in the fairway area should keep the light poles as far away as possible from the center line of the fairway, generally behind the fairway or outside the OB pile, to avoid the impact on the game as much as possible. It is extremely wrong to reduce the size of the fairway to be exposed to the so-called energy saving or cost reduction.

    3.Attention should also be paid to the placement of poles in the green area, and the principle of symmetrical pole placement should be followed as much as possible to reduce the generation of shadows. A special reminder is that if the light pole is too close to the green, it will seriously affect the play and the landscape, and the golfer will inadvertently regard the light pole as a target, and the impact will be immeasurable. It is generally required that the distance between the light pole and the edge of the green should not be less than 30m, and the illumination in the shadow should be greater than 100Lux.

3.Control of voltage drop

Due to the large area of the stadium, in order to ensure the quality of power supply and the effect of lighting, it is necessary to fully consider the voltage drop and power loss. It is best to use 380V power supply lamps, the voltage drop will be much better than 220V lamps, and at the same time calculate the line voltage loss, increase the cable Cross-sectional compensation scheme to solve the power supply problem.

4.Lightning protection grounding

Because the stadium is a hilly area, the area is open, and it is a lightning-prone area. Therefore, the lightning protection measures must be strictly required. The light poles are used as lightning rods, and the base of the light poles is used as the grounding body. Ground resistance is not more than 10 ohms. If the electrical equipment is powered by an overhead line or an overhead line with a buried cable entry section shorter than 150 meters, and the lightning surge voltage in the area is greater than 6000V and the lightning day exceeds 25 days a year, an SPD should be installed at the power inlet. When important electronic equipment is installed in the building, multi-pole SPD should be installed at the power inlet and the power supply point of the electronic equipment according to the ability of the equipment to withstand overvoltage.

5.The choice of lamps

As the phenomenon of golf ball hitting the lamp often occurs, the lamp should choose a high-pressure cast aluminum shell with strong impact resistance, and at the same time, considering maintenance and other reasons, it is best to use the back-opening type to replace the light source. Because people usually stand on the back of the lamp when climbing on the lamp pole, if the lamp glass needs to be opened to replace the light source, the operation will be inconvenient and the safety factor will also be reduced.

6.The choice of distribution box

Since the pH of the stadium is generally relatively strong, the material requirements for the distribution box are high, and it is best to use a stainless steel box. In the design, the size of the box should not be too large. The light pole box should preferably be installed with a hanging rod, which has stronger anti-corrosion ability. For the convenience of maintenance, the height of the hanging box should not be too high.

7.Golf lighting course construction

The golf lighting course project is a simple electromechanical installation project, which is characterized by wide operation area, complex underground pipelines, obvious restricted areas, and high-altitude operations. Before construction, the drawing review and technical exchange shall be conducted with the owner. The excavation of the light pole foundation should consider the excavation slope, which is determined according to the physical and mechanical interests such as the internal friction angle, cohesion, humidity, and bulk density of the land. If the soil quality of the foundation is found to be inconsistent with the design, it shall be investigated and dealt with by relevant personnel. During the construction process, the state of the foundation trench or the excavation slope should be checked every day, and support preparations should be made according to the soil conditions to prevent landslides. If the elevation of the bottom of the foundation pit is below the groundwater level, the groundwater will continuously seep into the pit, or if the excavation is rushed for construction in the rainy season, the rainwater will also enter the pit. If the groundwater and rainwater flowing into the pit are not discharged. It will not only worsen the construction conditions, bring misery to the construction, and make the quality of the project not guaranteed, but also sometimes cause serious landslides and accidents such as collapsing or swelling of special foundation soil.

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