Recreational football is usually played in the evening after work, effective lighting maximizes the opportunity for people to take part in the game. Although the lighting level will obviously be lower than for broadcasted matches, the lighting quality should remain high uniformity, visual comfort, and limitation of obtrusive light, especially in residential areas where leisure sports facilities are often located.

These types of facilities will usually be stand‐alone, in residential areas, with little or no spectator

capacity. The lighting for non‐televised events should be planned so that the horizontal surface of the pitch can be illuminated uniformly regardless of the pole arrangement chosen. The poles must be positioned outside the normal direction of view for players with regard to their alignment with both goal lines and touch lines.

AIKO ARES sports light is adequately suitable for football fields. The optimal optics can increase foot-candle on the ground and uniformity as well. The dimension and weight of the fixture have been minimized to retrofit the existing versatile Metal Halide fixtures.

The multi-purpose bracket can save much labor cost, especially when retrofitting the very oldest fixtures without changing the existing cross-arm and poles. Driver gear can be mounted on fixtures and remotely for purposes. This means there’s no need for further revision of the existing electrical circuits and accessories.

Here is a 1:1 truly retrofit project using ARES 1200w in Portugal. 34*ARES 1200W are installed for 1 pole. RGB, RGBW, and lens angle switching are all supported. It can be up to 75% energy- saving. ARES is a product developed for European football stadiums, large area lighting, ski resorts, and round sports lighting in the North American market. Except for Musco, only we have this round 1500W sports light, 1500W net weight is only 28kg, and wind resistance is 0.125m².

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