Lenses for LED luminaires

It is quite common to find LED suppliers in the lighting market that offer luminaires with high luminous efficiency. However, there is an  essential factor that must  be present in any  brand of LED , which is the  direction of the light beam , guaranteed by the lenses.    

So be careful! High luminous efficiency indicators do not correspond to lighting efficiency. To show why we say this, in today’s article we will show the importance of lenses for the efficient operation of an LED luminaire. 

LED is a semiconductor that, when conducting electricity, emits light. We can then say that the LED is a device capable of converting electrical energy (electrical power passing through it – Watts) into light (Lm – lumens). This is the working principle of LED. 

 Like any energy conversion machine, during the process, part of the energy is lost in the form of heat. In other words, not all of the energy that “enters” the LED is converted into light, there is a part that is transformed into heat. For this reason, to guarantee an ideal temperature range during operation, it is necessary to use heatsinks.  

It is important, when developing LED lighting products, to take the operating temperature into account,  as it  is directly related to the product’s lifespan and can be extended or brought forward . 

  • One way to evaluate the efficiency of an LED – how much light it can transform in relation to the energy it receives – is precisely by calculating  the ratio between the quantities, that is, lumens at the output for each watt of input – lumens/Watt. 

LEDs emit light in different directions in a diffuse way . When there is a lighting project, it is necessary to limit directions, define focus and direct the light emitted to a specific region. Now, how do we do this if the light emitted by the LED is diffuse? Through lenses!  We can position a lens on top of each LED, capable of distributing the light in the most convenient way for the project.  

However, when passing through the lens, part of the light energy is lost in this passage. Some lenses have an efficiency of between 90-95%, that is:  only a small part of the light energy is lost.  But there are also others, such as reflectors that lose 30%, taking only 70% of the light emitted by the LED to the desired location. 

For this reason, some manufacturers declare the efficiency of the LED and  not the efficiency of the LED + LENS set.  This is a big problem for the consumer, as they will often buy a luminaire that will not deliver the promised amount of lumens, or will have the amount of lumens in a diffuse and unfocused way, wasting light and energy. So stay tuned! Ask your LED supplier about the luminaire lenses and make the best choice for your business.  

AIKO LIGHTING guarantee   customized lenses for each type of environment and lighting objective. Talk to one of our consultants now and find the ideal model for your space.  

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