LED lighting for outdoor tennis courts

Facility managers have long recognized the importance of proper lighting on tennis courts. Tennis court lighting not only helps players perform at their peak, but also creates the right atmosphere for spectators. With LED lighting for outdoor tennis courts, facility managers can now enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient lighting that helps improve visibility and reduce glare.

The Importance of Tennis Court Lighting

With the fastest reaction time of any player, tennis players need excellent visibility to be effective. Try teeing off at 100+ mph in low light! Properly lit courts provide opportunities for players to develop their skills, while spectators get a better view of the court without the distraction of glare.

LED lighting is an ideal solution because it produces more output with fewer watts, making it an energy-efficient and cost-effective option. Pickleball courts can enjoy these benefits too!

Tennis Court Lighting Standards

Many governing bodies have developed guidelines and standards to ensure good visibility on LED-lit pitches during games. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) recommends that all tennis courts be lit to at least 200 lux for singles and doubles, with a maximum limit of 250 for singles and 350 for doubles. Let’s dig into some specific criteria:

Heading requirements

Proper lighting requires directional heading requirements to ensure uniformity across the course and reduce potential glare on broadcasts from other light sources. This is accomplished by installing fixtures at different angles, helping to eliminate shadows or bright spots on any particular area.

Lighting Requirements

Sports facility managers must select fixtures with the right form factor for their courts to meet energy efficiency goals. The most popular choice for many installations are LED fixtures because they provide high-quality light without consuming excessive energy or generating heat. Solid-state lighting fixtures are generally easier to maintain and require fewer repairs over time than other types of fixtures, such as metal halide or fluorescent lights.

lighting control system

By using light control systems such as dimmer controls or occupancy sensors, managers of tennis or pickle ball facilities can keep the lights on while maximizing energy savings. These systems also extend the life of fixtures by limiting their use when not needed.

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